Personalised Football Gifts for Footie Nuts Everywhere

They weren’t always the nicest looking things. One had salmon pink and purple stripes. Another looked like a navy and orange barcode. There was even a rather-too-Watford yellow one. It didn’t bother me though, or my brother for that matter. So each and every year our poor old Mum would drive us up to Kenilworth Road so we could buy the latest Luton Town shirt. And not just the shirts either. Scarves, tracksuits, beanies, car stickers, mugs – pretty much any football merchandise you can think of. And it didn’t stop there – every birthday and Christmas, Luton Town football gifts constituted a large chunk of any list handed over.

Fast-forward 15-odd years and there’s not been a massive change. We don’t go quite so mad in buying up the contents of the club shop, but a shirt for matchdays isn’t out xem bong da of the question. And I did stumble across a brilliant idea that took care of both my brother’s and my fiancĂ©e’s father’s Christmas presents last year. We got them a Luton Town and a West Ham personalised football book that I found on a personalised gift website. With nearly 60 teams available, these books are made up of tabloid-sized reprints of original newspaper coverage, often starting in the early part of the 20th century and going right through to the end of last season. As for personalising them, we left a message on a certificate in the opening page, but you can also add his or hers name to the front.

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As I got looking round these sites, I found they have a shed-load of other personalised football gifts, particularly if you’re buying for a fan of one of the big boys. The likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs, for example, have various diaries, framed prints and mugs that can be customised to include a name. Some of the clubs also offer you the chance of a stadium tour –

another treat you can buy online through the website. If though, you’re like me and you’re not a follower of a Premier League giant, don’t be fooled into thinking your team won’t be there. You’ll find football gifts for clubs in Scotland, the Championship, League 1 and League 2, as well as the mighty Hatters. Long story short, it’s basically a seriously good port of call if you’re struggling for football gift ideas.

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