Eating Bugs Turns into Instant Youtube Video Business

A few years ago I cashed in and moved to Thailand from the USA. One of the only things I had of any worth at all was a Sony CyberShot camera that doubled as my video camera. This camera shot 640×480 video at 30 frames per second and was quite good at it. I could have bought a separate video camera if i wanted, but I wanted something compact and able to shoot both great photos and decent videos.

I began shooting videos about things I was doing in Thailand. Then, one wacky day I decided that it would be great fun to shoot some video of me eating some insects, worms and things that I found at an outdoor Thailand market. I created the “Gross Grub Series Videos” at Youtube buy youtube likes. The videos were of horrible quality just because I shrunk them to 320×240 resolution and a mediocre quality setting in Windows Movie Maker when i converted them. The reason being, my internet connection was my mobile phone and to upload video more than 30 megabytes large was a serious effort and usually died mid-upload.

Even so, it didn’t matter. I couldn’t believe what happened, suddenly my videos were getting thousands and thousands of views. I quickly applied to the “partner program” and was accepted. What that meant is that i could now have Google AdSense ads run on my videos and in the right column – and be paid for clicks on them. A part time internet business was born. I now have 177 videos posted at Youtube and over 2. 3 million views.

As i went back and compared the number of hours that i worked on various online projects over the years I found that these videos actually made more money than all but one of my other projects – per hour of effort. That’s incredible. It’s incredible because it’s easy and fun. What a business! A lot of Youtube subscribers wonder how they can get more viewers to their Youtube channel without much difficulty. The answer lies with buying fast Youtube views. It is a tool that you can utilize to get more viewers to Youtube.

This tool does not make use of a proxy program which makes it rather different from others. It can work whether your pc is on or not. It uses a viewing system that will not cause any breaches with the terms and conditions that Youtube has set. It directs real viewers to your Youtube channel. This traffic can come from other sites like Facebook and Twitter. What this tool does is to send your URL to the various social bookmarking servers which in turn will generate traffic to your Youtube channel. Do you recall the link to a Youtube video on your Facebook page, the one that your friend has sent to you to view and then you just have to view as they are recommending it? That is exactly how it works.

If you are not comfortable with that option then go out there and be proactive. Look at other videos that have been posted with a similar and leave a good comment and ask them to check your video in the same breath. Communication will open up the world of Youtube to you. If they like the video they will refer it and the irony is if they hate they may still refer it and tell their friends to check out this crap. Either way you will still be getting the views.

Do not limit this action to just videos in your genre. The idea here is to get noticed and that means putting yourself out there so do the same for other videos as well. You can start out with other topics of interest. Just make sure that you are not spamming. Your views will eventually start to increase, just go ahead and have fun while doing it. That will make the task so much easier.

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