Why Valentina is the most banned hero in MPL PH and MPL ID right now

Valentina, the Enchantress, has been a controversial hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional Scene (MPL) Philippines (PH) and Indonesia (ID). Her unique ability to control enemies with crowd control (CC) skills, deal high damage, and provide vision for her team makes her an attractive pick for many teams. However, these same traits have also made her a highly banned hero in the MPL PH and ID metas. In this text, we will delve into why Valentina is currently the most banned hero in MPL PH and MPL ID.

Valentina’s Crowd Control Abilities

Valentina’s CC abilities are a significant reason why she is banned so frequently in the professional scene. Her ultimate skill, "Enchanted Bond," can stun and charm enemies for an extended period, making it challenging for them to escape or engage effectively in team fights. Additionally, her first skill, "Venus Blade," can slow down enemies, giving Valentina’s teammates a considerable advantage during engagements.

High Damage Output

Valentina is also known for dealing high damage, especially late-game. Her third skill, "Charm of Venus," deals area damage and can also increase her attack speed, allowing her to dish out even more damage in a short period. This high damage output makes it difficult for enemy teams to focus on other heroes and secure objectives.

Vision Provision

Valentina’s ability to provide vision for her team is another reason she is banned frequently. Her second skill, "Enchanted Fog," creates a cloud that blocks enemy vision, allowing Valentina’s team to move around the map undetected and set up ambushes. This advantage can significantly impact the outcome of team fights and objective control.

Counter-Picking and Banning Strategies

Due to Valentina’s strong abilities, she is often counter-picked or banned in MPL PH and ID matches. Teams aim to disrupt her impact on the game by either picking heroes that can effectively deal with her CC or banning her altogether to prevent their opponents from using her. This constant back-and-forth between teams results in a meta where Valentina is frequently banned, making it challenging for players to experiment with other heroes.


Valentina’s crowd control abilities, high damage output, and vision provision make her an attractive pick for many teams in the MPL PH and ID scene. However, these same traits also make her a significant disruptor to the game’s balance. Her frequent presence in matches often results in constant counter-picking and banning strategies, making it challenging for players to experiment with other heroes and keeping the meta stagnant. Ultimately, it remains to be seen how Moonton, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s developers, will address this issue and bring balance back to the professional scene.