3 tank jungle heroes to help you reach Mythic in MLBB

Greetings, aspiring Mythic players!

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of jungle tank heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). We’ll explore three top picks that will significantly boost your team’s defense and provide valuable crowd control.

Let’s get started!

1. Atlas, the Colossus

*Origin, Abilities, and Role:*

Atlas is a mythic jungle tank hero known for his powerful initiation and crowd control capabilities. His first skill, "Rock Slide," lets him dash forward, dealing damage to enemies in his path and stunning them. The second skill, "Granite Shield," creates a shield that absorbs enemy attacks and deals damage back to the attacker. "Stone Pillar" is Atlas’ third skill, which he throws down at a targeted location, creating a stationary pillar that slows enemies and deals damage over time. His ultimate, "Stampede," charges forward, damaging and knocking up enemies in his path while leaving a trail of smokescreens for his team to hide in.

*Tips and Tricks:*

Atlas excels at initiating team fights and controlling the battlefield. Utilize his skills wisely and always keep an eye on the minimap to secure important objectives, such as buffs or enemy camps. Be sure to communicate with your team about gank opportunities and use "Rock Slide" to stun enemies for a successful engagement.

2. Kagura, the Enchanted Samurai

*Origin, Abilities, and Role:*

Kagura is a mythic tank jungle hero whose abilities revolve around summoning and controlling her spectral samurais. Her first skill, "Shimatsu," summons a spectral samurai that follows her, dealing damage to enemies and acting as a meat shield. "Enchanted Reef" is Kagura’s second ability, creating a patch of water that heals her and her team over time while slowing enemies. Her third skill, "Shimatsu Dashi," charges forward, dealing damage and stunning enemies. Kagura’s ultimate, "Oni," transforms her into an enraged oni, increasing her attack speed and damage output while also granting her a passive that causes her basic attacks to deal additional damage based on the enemy’s missing health.

*Tips and Tricks:*

Kagura is an excellent tank hero due to her crowd control capabilities and ability to sustain herself and her team with "Enchanted Reef." Use your spectral samurai, "Shimatsu," to scout the jungle or act as a distraction during ganks. Be aware of Kagura’s mana consumption and make sure to manage it efficiently to maximize her potential in fights.

3. Thamuz, the Primal Hunter

*Origin, Abilities, and Role:*

Thamuz is a mythic tank jungle hero who specializes in crowd control and mobility. His first skill, "Primal Roar," deals damage to enemies and stuns them. The second skill, "Thorn Spikes," lays down a patch of thorn spikes that deal continuous damage over time and slow enemies. Thamuz’s third skill, "Rampage," charges forward, dealing damage to enemies and knocking them back, while also providing a speed boost for himself. His ultimate, "Leap," lets Thamuz leap to a targeted location, dealing damage to enemies in his path and leaving behind a trail of thorn spikes that continue to deal damage over time.

*Tips and Tricks:*

Thamuz is an excellent choice for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle. Use "Primal Roar" to initiate fights or secure kills, and "Rampage" to quickly traverse the jungle and engage in ganks. Remember that Thamuz’s abilities have long cooldowns, so use them wisely to maximize their impact in team fights.

In conclusion, these three tank jungle heroes – Atlas, Kagura, and Thamuz – offer unique playstyles and essential defensive capabilities that will significantly contribute to your team’s success in MLBB.