5 deadliest tank heroes who can solo kill you in MLBB


In the vast world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), the role of a tank hero is pivotal in ensuring team survival and success. However, some tank heroes stand out from the crowd, boasting immense survivability, crowd control, and damage potential that can solo kill enemies.

Here are the five deadliest solo tank heroes to look out for:

1.1. Thor: The Norse God of Thunder brings electrifying chaos to the battlefield with his powerful CC abilities, high durability, and a well-deserved reputation as a crowd controller. Thor’s ultimate skill "Thunder Strike" can deal massive area damage and stun enemies, making it an excellent tool for solo kills.

2.1. Mina: This agile tank hero packs a powerful punch with her combination of mobility, crowd control, and high HP. Her ultimate ability "Fan of Knives" is an area attack that deals damage to enemies in its path while slowing them down. With the right build and positioning, Mina can easily solo kill enemy heroes.

3.1. Akashic: This tank hero excels at controlling the flow of battle with his abilities that can silence, stun, and pull enemies. Akashic’s ultimate ability "Time Rift" creates a rift in time, pulling enemies into it for massive damage and control. With its long cast range and high survivability, Akashic is an excellent choice for soloing enemy heroes.

4.1. Sun: The Solar Guardian is a defensive powerhouse with a kit that can heal himself and his allies while dealing significant damage to enemies. Sun’s ultimate ability "Solar Blessing" heals him and his allies, making it an excellent tool for survivability during prolonged team fights or solo skirmishes. With the right build, Sun can easily turn the tide of a battle with his powerful abilities and sustained damage output.

5.1. Kagura: The Oni Assassin is a versatile hero that can play multiple roles, including tank. With her crowd control abilities and high mobility, Kagura can isolate and solo kill enemy heroes. Her ultimate ability "Shikigami" summons a phantom that deals damage to enemies and distracts them, giving Kagura the opportunity to land finishing blows on unsuspecting targets.

Query 2: Why are these five tank heroes considered deadliest in solo situations?


The five tank heroes – Thor, Mina, Akashic, Sun, and Kagura – have distinct advantages that make them deadly in solo situations.

Let’s delve deeper into the reasons behind their reputation:

2.1. High Survivability: These heroes possess a high amount of HP, defensive stats, and crowd control abilities that help them survive prolonged fights and outlast enemy heroes. Their survivability makes it easier for them to solo kill enemies without the need for external assistance.

2.2. Crowd Control: Crowd control is an essential aspect of being a successful tank hero in MLBB, as it allows you to disrupt enemy formations, secure kills, and keep allies safe. The five deadliest solo tank heroes excel at crowd control, making them potent forces both in team fights and solo situations.

2.3. Damage Output: While tanks are traditionally known for their durability and crowd control, these five heroes also deal significant damage that can solo kill enemy heroes. Their damage potential is an added bonus that makes them formidable opponents in the game.

2.4. Mobility and Positioning: The ability to move around the battlefield and position yourself effectively is crucial for success as a tank hero, especially when soloing. These five heroes possess excellent mobility and can easily reposition themselves to gain an advantage over their enemies.

Query 3: How can I counter these deadly solo tank heroes?


While the five deadliest solo tank heroes in MLBB pose a significant threat when played effectively, they do have weaknesses that can be exploited.

Here are some strategies to help you counter them:

3.1. Focus on Crowd Control: Since crowd control is a crucial aspect of these heroes’ kits, focusing on heroes that can disrupt their abilities or lock them down for extended periods can give your team an edge in team fights and 1v1 situations.

3.2. Burst Damage: Heroes with high burst damage output can quickly eliminate these tank heroes before they can react. Focusing on heroes that excel at dealing burst damage, such as mages or assassins, can help you counter soloing attempts from these deadly tank heroes.

3.3. Map Awareness: Having a good understanding of the map and positioning is essential for countering soloing tank heroes. Knowing when and where they are likely to make their moves can help you anticipate their attacks, avoid being caught off-guard, and respond effectively.

3.4. Teamwork: Coordinating with your team to isolate and focus fire on these heroes is an effective countermeasure. Communication, positioning, and coordinated efforts from your team can significantly reduce the impact of these deadly solo tank heroes on the battlefield.