5 details and Easter eggs you missed in K/DA’s new ‘More’ music video

5 details and Easter eggs you missed in K/DA's new 'More' music video

If you haven’t already, check out the new ‘More’ music video by K/DA featuring a group of League of Legends champions. The video is filled with surprises and hidden messages that will have you watching it multiple times. Here are 5 Easter eggs you missed in the video:

  1. The Champion Introductions

The video starts with a series of introductions featuring each champion in the video, along with their title. These titles are not just simple descriptions; they are references to popular culture and inside jokes that will have fans laughing out loud.

For example, Taliyah is introduced as "Taliyah: The Dark-Skinned Champion Who Has More Skin Than Most", referencing her dark skin tone and the fact that she has a lot of armor on in the video. Similarly, Kai Saa’s introduction is "Kai Saa: The Champion Who Can’t Stop Talking About How Great He Is".

  1. The Hidden Easter Eggs

Throughout the video, there are multiple hidden Easter eggs that will take a keen eye to spot. One of the most noticeable is the reference to the game ‘Minecraft’. In one scene, a group of champions are shown playing Minecraft together, complete with pixelated graphics and in-game items.

Another Easter egg can be found when Pyke is seen playing the piano. The caption that appears on screen reads "Pyke: The Champion Who Plays Piano Like No One’s Business", a reference to his musical abilities in the game.

  1. The Creative Concept

The video was created by a group of artists and animators who collaborated with K/DA to bring the music to life. The creative concept behind the video is inspired by the idea of taking a break from reality and just having fun. The video shows each champion enjoying themselves in different ways, from playing games to dancing to music.

The video’s director, Daniel Kim, talked about the creative process in an interview with Billboard. "We wanted to create something that would make people smile and forget their troubles for a moment," he said. "We wanted to showcase each champion in their own unique way and highlight the different aspects of their personalities."

5 details and Easter eggs you missed in K/DA's new 'More' music video

  1. The Music

The ‘More’ music video features the latest single from K/DA, ‘POP/STAR’, which was released earlier this year. The song is a catchy pop track with a danceable beat that will have you tapping your feet in no time.

But what really sets this song apart is the collaboration between K/DA and BTS. The two groups worked together to create the track, and their combined talents are evident in every note of the song.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, BTS member Jimin talked about working with K/DA. "We had a lot of fun collaborating with them," he said. "They have such a unique style and sound that it was exciting to work with them and create something completely new."

  1. The Impact

The ‘More’ music video has already had a massive impact on the gaming community, with millions of views and positive feedback from fans. But the video’s impact extends beyond just the gaming community. It’s a celebration of diversity, creativity, and fun, and it’s a reminder to take a break and enjoy life.

In an interview with Polygon, K/DA member (G)League Of Legends talked about the importance of having fun in life. "We all need to take a step back and just have fun sometimes," she said. "Life can be stressful, but we should never forget to enjoy ourselves."


  1. Who are the members of K/DA?
    K/DA is a virtual girl group made up of League of Legends champions. The current lineup includes Miss Fortune, Akali, Poppy, Orianna, and Taliyah.
  2. What is the purpose of the ‘More’ music video?
    The purpose of the ‘More’ music video is to celebrate life, creativity, and fun, and to remind people to take a break from reality and enjoy themselves.
  3. Who collaborated on the ‘POP/STAR’ track?
    K/DA collaborated with BTS on the ‘POP/STAR’ track, which was released earlier this year. The collaboration resulted in a unique blend of K-pop and electronic music that will have you dancing to the beat.