5 jungle marksman heroes still viable in the MLBB meta

Query 1: Who are the top jungle marksman heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) meta currently?


Dive into the captivating world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) and uncover the top jungle marksman heroes that have made their mark in the current meta! These heroes, with their exceptional skills, provide significant contributions to both the early game and team fights.

  1. Bradley "Hylos" Johnson – Granger
    Known for his versatility and destructive potential, Granger is an excellent choice for jungle marksman in MLBB. His S1 skill, Marksman Shot, grants him bonus attack speed while dealing damage to enemies. Furthermore, his S2, Vigorous Shooting, unleashes a continuous barrage of arrows, making him an ideal hero for clearing camps quickly and efficiently.

  2. Sarah "Rain" Lee – Layla
    A flexible and powerful pick, Layla shines as a jungle marksman in MLBB due to her ability to deal both physical and magical damage. Her S1, Radiant Blast, empowers her next basic attack, while her Ultimate, Solar Blessing, provides significant crowd control and damage to enemies.

  3. Charlie "Shield" Brown – Wanwan
    Wanwan, the mischievous marksman, is a fan favorite among MLBB players. Her S1, Poisoned Arrow, poisons enemies on hit, making her an excellent choice for applying crowd control to enemy heroes and jungle camps. Additionally, her Ultimate, Fox Cultist, increases her attack speed and damage output significantly during team fights.

  4. Emily "Frost" Davis – Grus
    Grus is a powerful jungle marksman that brings crowd control and area denial to the table. Her S1, Freeze Shot, slows enemies on hit, while her Ultimate, Frozen Ground, leaves an icy trail behind her, slowing enemies and dealing damage over time.

  5. Michael "Viper" Thompson – Karrie
    Last but not least, the agile and deadly Karrie is a top-tier jungle marksman hero in MLBB. Her S1, Marksman’s Agility, grants her increased movement speed and attack damage, making her an excellent choice for quickly traversing the jungle and clearing camps efficiently. Moreover, her Ultimate, Vengeance, empowers her next basic attacks, dealing massive damage to enemies in a short period.

In conclusion, these five heroes – Granger, Layla, Wanwan, Grus, and Karrie – are the top jungle marksman heroes currently dominating the MLBB meta. Each hero possesses unique strengths and abilities that make them valuable additions to any team composition.