5 Mobile Legends assassins that excel in team fights

When it comes to team fights in Mobile Leggers, having the right assassin on your side can make all the difference. In this response, we’ll explore five top-tier assassins that excel in team fights and discuss why they are worthy additions to any team composition.

1. Gusion**: With his kit focused on crowd control and mobility, Gusion is an excellent initiator for team fights. His ultimate skill, "Meteor Rain," deals area damage, stuns enemies, and marks targets for his allies’ skills. By opening up opportunities for your team to follow up, Gusion sets the stage for successful team engagements.

2. Layla**: Layla is a versatile assassin with a kit that offers crowd control, mobility, and damage potential. Her ultimate skill, "Crimson Arrow," allows her to dash through enemies, dealing damage and slowing them down, while also marking them for her team’s abilities. With her passive ability providing bonus movement speed whenever she attacks an enemy hero, Layla can easily reposition herself during team fights to maximize her impact.

3. Kimmy**: Kimmy is a melee assassin with a focus on burst damage and crowd control. Her ultimate skill, "Lion Roar," deals massive area damage and stuns enemies, making it an excellent tool for initiating or finishing off team fights. Moreover, her kit includes abilities that slow and immobilize enemies, enabling her to control the battlefield and keep opponents in check.

4. Leomord**: Leomord is a tank assassin who excels at controlling the frontline during team fights. His ultimate skill, "Primal Rage," grants him a shield and empowers his basic attacks, making him a formidable force to be reckoned with. By absorbing damage and keeping enemies at bay, Leomord allows your teammates to deal significant damage without fear of retaliation.

5. Saber**: Saber is an assassin with high mobility, crowd control, and burst damage capabilities. His ultimate skill, "Chain Strike," deals area damage and leaps from enemy to enemy, making it a powerful tool for securing kills during team fights. Additionally, his passive ability, "Echoes of the Past," grants him increased movement speed whenever he uses an ability or deals damage with basic attacks, enabling him to quickly reposition himself during team engagements.

In conclusion, these five Mobile Legends assassins – Gusion, Layla, Kimmy, Leomord, and Saber – are powerful allies in team fights thanks to their crowd control, mobility, and damage potential. By utilizing their unique abilities effectively, you can turn the tide of any team engagement and lead your squad to victory.