5 reasons why Raiden Shogun is worth all your primogems

The Raiden Shogun, also known as the Electro Archon, brings a unique playstyle to the table with her elemental burst, "Thunderous Fists." This ability summons lightning that strikes enemies in a large area and continuously deals Electro damage over time. The skill is perfect for crowd control, especially during boss fights or when facing hordes of enemies.

**Reason 2: Synergy with other Characters**

Raiden Shogun shines when paired with certain characters due to her ability to provide an Electro application and field buffs. For instance, her burst can charge the Elemental Energy of characters like Mona or Fischl, boosting their abilities’ power. This synergy can lead to significant damage output and strategic advantages in team compositions.

**Reason 3: Sustainable Energy Recharge**

Unlike some other characters, Raiden Shogun has a built-in energy recharge system. Her Elemental Skill, "Thunderclap Stance," generates an Electro charge when activated, which in turn increases her Energy Recharge rate. This feature ensures that she can maintain a high level of usability in battle without needing to rely on Energy Recharge artifacts or foods as extensively as other characters.

**Reason 4: Aesthetically Pleasing Design**

Raiden Shogun’s design is visually stunning and full of character, making her an attractive choice for players seeking a beautiful addition to their team. Her armor boasts intricate details and gold accents, while her dynamic Thunderclap Stance animations bring her to life during battles. These visual aspects not only make her stand out on the field but also add to the immersive experience of playing Genshin Impact.

**Reason 5: Versatile Kit for Multiple Role Play**

Lastly, Raiden Shogun’s kit offers versatility that makes her an excellent choice for various roles in your team. Her abilities excel at dealing Electro damage and providing crowd control, making her a powerful DPS or support character. Additionally, her Energy Recharge system enables her to be used as a battery for other characters in need, further expanding her utility. Overall, Raiden Shogun’s diverse capabilities make her an indispensable addition to any team.

In conclusion, Raiden Shogun offers a unique and versatile playstyle with her Thunderous Fists, synergy with other characters, sustainable energy recharge, aesthetically pleasing design, and multifaceted kit. These reasons alone make her an invaluable asset to any player’s roster, making all your primogems spent on her well worth it.