5 reasons why you should blow all your Primogems on Zhongli

Zhongli’s geo abilities are second to none in Genshin Impact. With his unique skill set, he can create Jade Shields that absorb damage and provide shielding to allies. This makes him an excellent support character for any team, especially those lacking defensive capabilities. By investing in Zhongli queries, you’ll be ensuring your roster is well-equipped to handle the game’s toughest challenges.

**Reason 2: Versatile Burst**

Zhongli’s Elemental Skill, "Jade Screen," creates a protective shield for his team and also has the added effect of granting Geo buffs to nearby allies, increasing their resistance to interruptions from enemies like stuns or knockbacks. Additionally, his Elemental Burst, "Thunderclap Stance," deals AOE Electro damage and further enhances his Jade Shield’s defensive capabilities by providing a shield to all teammates within range.

**Reason 3: Synergy with Other Characters**

Zhongli’s abilities complement many other characters in the game, making him an essential addition to any roster. For example, pairing him with Xingqiu creates a powerful reaction duo, as Xingqiu’s Elemental Skill provides swords that Zhongli can use to apply the Shimmering Crystals debuff, resulting in increased damage when the enemy is hit by the sword’s swipe.

**Reason 4: Unique Storyline and Character Design**

Zhongli’s lore and character design make him a captivating addition to your team. As the Archaic Doctor of Tianquan City, he possesses deep knowledge of geology and archaeology, which is evident in both his abilities and interactions with other characters within the game. His dedication to preserving Liyue’s history and culture adds depth to his character, making him an enjoyable character to explore and develop.

**Reason 5: Rare Five-Star Character Acquisition**

Zhongli is a rare five-star character, making him a valuable addition to any player’s roster. While obtaining a five-star character through random luck can be difficult and time-consuming, investing in Zhongli queries increases your chances of securing this exceptional character for your team. By focusing on acquiring him specifically, you’ll be building a more well-rounded and powerful roster in the long run.

In conclusion, investing your Primogems in Zhongli queries offers numerous benefits to any Genshin Impact player. From his unmatched geo abilities and synergy with other characters to his unique storyline and character design, Zhongli is a valuable addition to any team. By focusing on acquiring him through targeted queries, you’ll be building a stronger, more versatile roster that can tackle the game’s challenges effectively.