7 esports players who love K-pop as much as we d

Esports has taken the world by storm, and its players have become household names. But behind their gaming prowess, some of these athletes have an unexpected passion: K-pop music. Let’s delve into the lives of seven esports stars who can’t get enough of the South Korean music scene.

1. Johan "N0tail" Sundstein (Team OG)**

An Dota 2 legend, Johan "N0tail" Sundstein has ruled the competitive scene with his strategic mind and teamwork skills. Off the battlefield, N0tail is a dedicated K-pop fan who shares his love for the genre on social media. He’s often seen posting about his favorite artists, such as BTS, and even attended their concert in London.

2. Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok (T1)

As the face of League of Legends esports, Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok is a living legend. His extraordinary mechanical skills and game sense have earned him numerous accolades. When he’s not dominating the Rift, Faker can be found listening to K-pop tracks or engaging with his fellow fans on social media.

3. Lee "JaedGon" Sang-hyeok (Gen.G)

Another League of Legends player from South Korea, JaedGon is a rising star in the competitive scene. He’s known for his aggressive playstyle and incredible mechanics. Outside of gaming, JaedGon enjoys spending time with his family and listening to K-pop music.

4. Oleksandr "S1mple" Kostyliev (Natus Vincere)

A CS:GO prodigy from Ukraine, S1mple is a force to be reckoned with. His raw skill and tactical awareness have made him one of the most influential players in the scene. When not dominating his opponents, S1mple relaxes by listening to K-pop tunes, particularly EXO’s music.

5. Chae "Piglet" Gwang-jin (Team Liquid)

A former League of Legends player, Piglet now focuses on streamlining his gameplay through content creation and coaching. He is a devoted fan of K-pop and has been known to share his love for the genre with his followers. One of his favorite artists is Twice.

6. Sung "Crisp" Ho-seong (Gen.G)

A former League of Legends player turned content creator, Crisp is known for his entertaining streams and engaging personality. He’s a dedicated fan of K-pop, with BTS being one of his favorite acts. Crisp often shares his passion for the genre with his viewers, leading to lively discussions in the chat.

7. Anathan "ana" Pham (Team Fractal Alliance)

A Dota 2 player from Australia, ana is known for his aggressive playstyle and remarkable mechanical skills. When not on the battlefield, ana can be found indulging in his love for K-pop. He’s a fan of bands such as TXT and Monsta X, and often shares his excitement about their music with fans on social media.

In conclusion, esports stars are just like us – they have unique passions and interests beyond their gaming prowess. The seven players mentioned above are proof that the world of competitive gaming extends far beyond strategy and skill. By sharing their love for K-pop, these athletes not only humanize themselves in the eyes of their fans but also add another layer to the rich tapestry of esports culture.