A closer look at why tank Lunox is the new meta


In recent times, there’s been a noticeable trend in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) community – the surge in popularity of tank Lunox builds in Mobile Legends. Tank Lunox, with her unique abilities, can provide remarkable crowd control and durability to your team.

Let’s examine the reasons behind this shift:

* **Versatility:**

With her kit, Lunox can adapt to various roles as a tank or mage. However, recent updates have made it more beneficial for players to build her as a tank due to increased sustainability and defensive capabilities.
* **Scaling:** Tank Lunox’s passive ability “Cosmic Star” provides shields based on the number of enemy heroes within range. As the game progresses and more heroes join the fray, her passive becomes more powerful.

* **AOE CC (Area of Effect Crowd Control):**

Lunox has several abilities that provide crowd control, making it easier for your team to focus fire on enemy targets. Her ultimate ability “Cosmic Star Shower” is an excellent example, as it stuns and slows enemies in a large area.
* **Synergy:** Tank Lunox complements heroes with high burst damage or sustained damage, allowing them to deal maximum damage without fear of being taken down by enemy initiators or assassins.

**Query 2: “Which items should I build for tank Lunox?



Building the right items for your tank Lunox is essential in ensuring her survival and effectiveness in team fights.

Here’s a recommended item build:

1. **Brute Force Breastplate:** Provides bonus HP, armor, and magic resistance, allowing Lunox to survive longer in skirmishes and absorb more damage.
2. **Tough Boots:** The movement speed bonus enables you to position yourself effectively and react to enemy initiations quickly. The defensive aura also increases your overall survivability.
3. **Heart of Steel:** Provides additional HP, magic resistance, and a unique passive that reduces incoming physical damage. This item is crucial for tanking the enemy’s initiation and absorbing their damage.
4. **Orthodox Rod:** This item provides mana regeneration, making it easier to keep your abilities up during prolonged team fights. Additionally, its passive boosts the healing power of your skills, further enhancing your role as a support tank.
5. **Divine Glaive:** The bonus HP and attack damage make you a formidable tank while dealing some additional damage to enemies. Its passive also grants an attack speed bonus, increasing your overall offensive potential.
6. **Magic Wand:** This item provides bonus magic power, mana regeneration, and a powerful active ability that grants additional movement speed and attack speed. It’s perfect for engaging or escaping during team fights.

**Query 3: “What are the best emblems and spell choices for tank Lunox?”**


Emblem and spell choices can significantly impact your gameplay as a tank Lunox.

Here are recommended options:



The Assassin emblem with a focus on agility is ideal, providing movement speed, attack speed, and cooldown reduction for better mobility and responsiveness in team fights.
* **Spells:** “Retri Butcher” (Revitalize) is a great choice as it increases the healing effect of your abilities, allowing you to sustain yourself and your allies during prolonged team fights. Alternatively, “Flicker” can be used for added mobility, enabling quick positioning and escapes.


In conclusion, tank Lunox is an increasingly popular pick due to her adaptability, crowd control capabilities, and synergy with other heroes in Mobile Legends. Building the right items and choosing appropriate emblems and spells will further enhance your performance as a tank, making you an invaluable asset to your team.