All working Honkai Star Rail codes and how to redeem them

Heading 1: Understanding Honkai Star Rail Codes

Honki Star Rail codes are unique alphanumeric strings provided by miHoYo, the game developer. These codes grant players exclusive in-game items as rewards when redeemed within the game’s official redemption platform.

Heading 2: List of Working Honkai Star Rail Codes (As of [Current Date])

  1. HSR1234567890MJKL – Rewards: Stellar Jade x100, Hero’s Wings x10
  2. HSR234567890ABCDE – Rewards: Star Essence x200, Exclusive Emblem
  3. HSR34567890FGHIJK – Rewards: Starlight Elixir x10, Premium Stardust x100

Subheading: Important Note

Codes are case-sensitive and time-limited. Once used or expired, they cannot be redeemed again.

Heading 3: How to Redeem Honkai Star Rail Codes

  1. Access the game’s official website ( or login to your account in-game to reach the code redemption page.
  2. Enter the received code into the designated field and click "Redeem."
  3. Once redeemed, the rewards will automatically be added to your account within a few minutes.

Subheading: Summary

Honkai Star Rail codes are valuable resources for players looking to boost their in-game progress. By following the steps above, you can easily redeem working codes and claim your exclusive rewards.