Anime fan recreates the ending of Neon Genesis Evangelion at his own wedding

If you are an anime fan and planning a unique wedding, consider recreating the ending scene from Neon Genesis Evangelion (EVA). This iconic series has left a lasting impression on many viewers with its thought-provoking themes and visually stunning animation. In this text, we’ll discuss how to incorporate EVA’s memorable finale into your wedding day.

Why Choose Neon Genesis Evangelion for Your Wedding?

First, let us understand why EVA is an excellent choice for a wedding theme. The series revolves around themes such as love, sacrifice, and redemption. The symbolism of the Angels and Evangelions can be interpreted as representing transformation and growth, which are essential aspects of any marriage. Moreover, EVA’s poignant ending is sure to evoke emotion and create unforgettable moments for you and your guests.

Planning Your Neon Genesis Evangelion Wedding

To execute this idea, begin by selecting an EVA-inspired wedding venue. Consider renting a space with a minimalist design that can be transformed into the Evangelion’s Nerv complex or an angel-infested cityscape. You may also choose to incorporate elements of nature in your decoration, as Angel Israfel is known for its beautiful wings adorned with flowers.

Outfits and Accessories

Next, consider the outfits for the bride and groom. The bride can wear a long white gown with intricate details reminiscent of the Evangelion’s design. For the groom, consider a suit in shades of blue or black to represent the color scheme of Nerv and the Evangelions. Accessorize with EVA-inspired jewelry, such as rings featuring the symbol of the Angels or Evangelions.

Food and Beverages

Serve dishes inspired by Japanese cuisine, as Neon Genesis Evangelion has significant cultural influences from Japan. Consider serving bento boxes for a more casual reception, or go all out with sushi rolls, tempura, and other traditional Japanese dishes. For the drinks, offer sake and other Japanese beverages to add authenticity to your theme.

Music and Entertainment

Background music during the ceremony can include EVA’s soundtrack. Consider hiring a violinist or cellist to play "Fly Me to the Moon," which is featured in the series, as you exchange vows. For the reception, invite a live band or DJ that specializes in anime-themed music to get the party started.

Photo Opportunities

Capturing your EVA-inspired wedding moments is crucial. Set up a photobooth with props related to Neon Genesis Evangelion for guests to take pictures with, such as replicas of the Evangelions or Angel figurines. Commission a professional photographer to create stunning shots that emulate scenes from the series.

Cake and Desserts

Your wedding cake should reflect your unique theme. Design an EVA-inspired tiered cake featuring the symbols of Angels and Evangelions. For alternative desserts, consider creating custom-designed cookies or pastries in the shapes of Angels or Evangelions.

In Summary

Incorporating Neon Genesis Evangelion’s ending into your wedding day creates a memorable experience for you and your guests. By carefully planning each detail, you can bring the enchanting world of EVA to life in an unforgettable celebration of love and commitment. So, if you are looking for a unique theme that represents transformation, growth, and the power of love, Neon Genesis Evangelion is the perfect choice.