Antimage not listed on EVOS Legends’ roster for MPL PH S10

As you delve into the intricacies of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and follow the competitive scene closely, you may have noticed some notable absences from EVOS Legends’ roster for MPL PH S10. Among them, Antimage has piqued the interest of many. In this comprehensive analysis, we aim to shed light on who Antimage is and why his absence in EVOS Legends could be a strategic move.

Who Is Antimage?

Antimage, also known by his real name, Jomar "JV" Mirasol Jumapas, is a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang player with an impressive resume. Originally from the Philippines and hailing from Team SMART, he has proven himself as a versatile player in various roles such as Marksman, Fighter, Mage, and Assassin.

Antimage’s Past Performances

Throughout his career, Antimage has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and adaptability. In the 2019 MPL PH S6 Playoffs, he led his team to victory, securing a spot in the Grand Finals. However, despite their best efforts, they ultimately came up short against Bren Esports.

At the 2019 M3 World Championship, Antimage’s team placed 7th-8th, marking a decent performance on the international stage.

Why Isn’t Antimage in EVOS Legends’ Roster?

The reasons behind Antimage’s absence from EVOS Legends’ MPL PH S10 roster can be attributed to several factors. One potential explanation is team synergy and chemistry. EVOS Legends has been a formidable force in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang scene for quite some time, and bringing in a new player could disrupt the established dynamics and workflow of the team.

Another possibility is strategic planning and focusing on specific strengths. With an already robust roster, EVOS Legends might have chosen to focus on fine-tuning their existing lineup rather than introducing a new wildcard player like Antimage.

The Impact of Antimage’s Absence

Antimage’s absence from EVOS Legends could be both a boon and a bane for the team. On one hand, maintaining team synergy and focusing on their core strengths might help them secure victories in MPL PH S10. However, not having Antimage as an option to fill various roles could limit their strategic flexibility during tight situations.

**Conclusion: Awaiting Antimage’s Resurgence**

In conclusion, the absence of Antimage from EVOS Legends’ roster for MPL PH S10 is a fascinating topic that can be interpreted in various ways. While his departure might have been a strategic move to maintain team chemistry or focus on specific strengths, it also means missing out on his versatility and adaptability as a player. Regardless of the outcome, Antimage’s absence serves as an intriguing subplot in the ongoing saga of MPL PH S10. Keep an eye on this talented player as he continues to make waves in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang scene.