Arcane’s Vander could very well be Warwick in League of Legends — here’s 3 telling clues


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Today we delve into an intriguing topic that has left many League of Legends (LoL) fans puzzled. The enigmatic character, Vander from the hit Netflix show, “Arcane,” bears a striking resemblance to Warwick, the infamous Werewolf Monster Hunter champion in LoL. Let’s decipher the clues and explore the possible connections between these two fascinating characters.

**1. Physical Appearance**

Firstly, allow us to discuss their remarkable physical resemblance. Vander sports a rugged, muscular build with long, shaggy brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Warwick, on the other hand, has a similar physique when in his human form, complete with his menacing facial features and piercing blue eyes. This uncanny similarity is impossible to ignore.

**2. Beastly Transformations**

Secondly, both Vander and Warwick undergo transformative metamorphoses. In “Arcane,” Vander gains the power to control his inner beast after ingesting a magical elixir, which grants him enhanced strength and agility, much like Warwick’s transformation into the fearsome Werewolf.

**3. The Hunter Motif**

Lastly, both characters share a common theme as hunters. Vander is an experienced huntsman, tracking down criminals in Piltover and Zaun, while Warwick’s primary role in LoL is that of the “Monster Hunter,” tasked with eliminating various beasts and monsters that roam the Summoner’s Rift.


In conclusion, the parallels between Vander from “Arcane” and Warwick in League of Legends are more than just a coincidence. These characters share striking physical similarities, undergo transformative metamorphoses, and have the hunter motif in common. This fascinating connection invites speculation that Riot Games may have been inspired by Vander when designing Warwick’s backstory or that both creators were influenced by a shared source. Regardless of the origin of this resemblance, it adds an exciting layer to the worlds of both “Arcane” and LoL.


1. What are the similarities between Vander from Arcane and Warwick in League of Legends?
– Striking physical resemblance
– Transformative metamorphoses
– Hunter theme
2. Could Riot Games have been inspired by Vander when designing Warwick?
It is a possibility, but without explicit confirmation from the creators, it remains speculation.
3. Are there any other notable similarities between these two characters?
Exploring their backstories and motivations may reveal further connections.