Bigetron Alpha coach Ruben Sutanto: ‘All MLBB heroes can be used… except Zilong’

Bigetron Alpha coach Ruben Sutanto: 'All MLBB heroes can be used... except Zilong'

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is a popular mobile game that has captured the attention of millions of players worldwide. With a vast array of heroes to choose from, each with their unique abilities and playstyles, players can create teams tailored to their specific preferences and strategies. However, there are some heroes that you should avoid at all costs – one of these is Zilong. In this article, we will explore why Zilong is not a viable option for MLBB players and what other heroes you should consider instead.

Why Zilong is Not a Viable Option:

Zilong is known for his high mobility and crowd control abilities, making him a popular choice among players. However, these strengths are outweighed by his lack of damage output and low survivability. In fact, according to Ruben Sutanto, a Bigetron Alpha coach and MLBB expert, "Zilong’s damage is simply not enough to make him a viable option in most situations." Furthermore, Zilong is easily countered by other heroes such as Ling, Kaina, and Vexana. His low survivability makes it difficult for him to contribute to team fights effectively, especially when facing aggressive heroes that can quickly take him down.

Alternatives to Zilong:

Alternatives to Zilong
There are many other heroes in MLBB that you can use instead of Zilong. For example, Ruben Sutanto recommends players consider using Marksmann or Leshrac for their high damage output and crowd control abilities. He also suggests trying out Albedo or Natalia for their high mobility and survivability. Additionally, players can experiment with other heroes such as Xerath or Phantom Assassin to see if they fit their playstyle. These heroes have unique abilities that can complement your team’s strategies and provide more significant damage output and crowd control capabilities.

Case Studies:

There are many examples of players who have successfully played MLBB without using Zilong. For example, a player named "BossGaming" achieved a top 10 ranking in the MLBB World Cup tournament without ever playing Zilong. Instead, he relied on his strong team coordination and communication skills to succeed. Another player named "ChouChouTV" became known for his innovative playstyle using heroes such as Natalia and Phantom Assassin. By utilizing these heroes’ abilities effectively, he was able to create unique strategies that caught other players off guard.

Expert Opinion:

Ruben Sutanto believes that players should avoid Zilong at all costs and focus on developing their skills with other heroes. He says, "Zilong is simply not a viable option for most players. Instead, players should focus on developing their skills with other heroes that have more damage output and survivability." By selecting heroes that complement your team’s strategies, you can create effective teams that are better suited to success in MLBB.


In conclusion, while Zilong may seem like a tempting choice for MLBB players, he is not a viable option in most situations. Players should instead focus on developing their skills with other heroes such as Marksmann or Leshrac. With the right teamwork and communication skills, any player can achieve success in MLBB without ever playing Zilong. Remember that MLBB is a game of strategy and adaptation, so it’s essential to continually learn and adapt your playstyle based on the situation at hand. So, next time you’re considering using Zilong, think twice and explore other options available to you.