Counter Aldous in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

When it comes to dealing with the menacing figure that is Aldous, players often find themselves at a loss. Known for his crowd control and high damage output, Aldous can easily turn the tide of a battle. However, there are heroes in Mobile Legends that excel in countering this fierce warrior. In this guide, we’ll explore three top picks to help you outmaneuver Aldous and secure victory.

1. Balmond:

The Tenacious Tank

Balmond’s incredible crowd control and tanking abilities make him an excellent choice when facing off against Aldous.

As a versatile fighter, Balmond is the epitome of tenacity. His skillset focuses on crowd control, making him an invaluable asset in controlling Aldous’ advance. Balmond’s passive ability, "Frenzy," grants him increased attack speed when he hits enemies with basic attacks. This not only allows him to deal more damage but also puts pressure on Aldous, forcing him to constantly engage in combat instead of roaming the battlefield.

Balmond’s ultimate skill, "Rampage," is a crowd control powerhouse. It deals area damage and stuns enemies within its radius, giving your team an opportunity to focus fire on Aldous while he’s immobilized. Additionally, Balmond’s third skill, "Battle Cry," provides a shield to himself and his allies, ensuring that they stay alive long enough to deal with Aldous effectively.

2. Chou: The Agile Assassin

Chou’s swiftness and assassin abilities make him the perfect counter for Aldous.

A nimble assassin, Chou can outmaneuver Aldous both in terms of mobility and skill. His ultimate skill, "Stealth Assault," allows him to become invisible while dealing damage to enemies, making it difficult for Aldous to target Chou or pinpoint his position. Chou’s second skill, "Vanquisher’s Mantle," provides a shield that absorbs damage from enemy heroes, giving Chou the freedom to dodge Aldous’ attacks and retaliate when the opportunity arises.

Moreover, Chou’s first and third skills, "Charge" and "Dragon Stance," respectively, offer increased mobility and crowd control. Chou can use his "Charge" ability to dash towards enemy heroes and disrupt Aldous’ positioning or use "Dragon Stance" to immobilize enemies, creating opportunities for your team to strike back against Aldous.

3. Johan: The Wise Healer

Johan’s supportive abilities make him an invaluable ally when trying to counter Aldous.

As a mage support hero, Johan provides vital crowd control and healing capabilities that are essential for dealing with Aldous. With his ultimate skill, "Healing Wave," Johan can quickly restore health to himself and allies, keeping them alive long enough to engage Aldous effectively. Additionally, Johan’s third skill, "Chain Heal," deals damage to enemy heroes while also healing allies within the area of effect.

Johan’s second skill, "Soothing Kiss," provides a shield that absorbs magic damage and reduces incoming physical damage for his allies. This is particularly useful when dealing with Aldous, as it gives your team members a chance to focus on Aldous without worrying about taking excessive damage. Furthermore, Johan’s first skill, "Wisdom," increases the attack speed and movement speed of allied heroes, enabling them to keep up with Aldous and engage him more effectively.

In conclusion, these three Mobile Legends heroes – Balmond, Chou, and Johan – are excellent choices when trying to counter Aldous. Each hero brings unique abilities that can disrupt Aldous’ advance, provide crowd control, or offer vital healing and support. By mastering these heroes and understanding their strengths, you’ll be well on your way to outmaneuvering Aldous and securing victory for your team.