Counter Alice in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

If you’re finding it challenging to counter Alice in Mobile Legends, don’t worry! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll introduce you to three top-notch heroes that can effectively neutralize her abilities and turn the tide of battle.

1. Akai, the Earthshaker**

With his exceptional crowd control abilities, Akai is a formidable choice when it comes to countering Alice.

His Ultimate skill, "Call Down," can knock up and stun enemies, providing an excellent opportunity for your team to engage and deal damage.

Moreover, his passive ability, "Healing Drums," enables him to recover health with each basic attack, making him a tenacious frontliner.

2. Gusion, the Swift Swordsman**

*Quick and nimble, Gusion* is another excellent counter hero for Alice’s crowd control abilities.*

His Ultimate skill, "Sword Rain," allows him to deal area damage and silence enemies, making it difficult for Alice to utilize her abilities effectively.

Additionally, his passive ability, "Rapid Blow," grants him attack speed bonus after landing a successful basic attack, allowing him to quickly dispose of enemies before they can pose a threat to your team.

3. Hylas, the Vanguard**

*A tank hero with exceptional crowd control and area denial abilities, Hylas* is an outstanding choice for countering Alice’s long-range assaults.*

His Ultimate skill, "Rivers of Blood," creates a pool of lava that damages enemies who enter it and also provides vision, enabling your team to anticipate Alice’s next moves.

Furthermore, his passive ability, "Holy Shield," grants him increased resistance to enemy crowd control effects, making it harder for Alice to manipulate the battlefield with her abilities.

In conclusion, these three heroes – Akai, Gusion, and Hylas – offer excellent counterplay options against Alice in Mobile Legends. By utilizing their unique abilities and crowd control mechanisms, your team can effectively neutralize her impact on the game and secure valuable victories.