Counter Atlas in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

Counter heroes are a crucial aspect of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), as they possess unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle. In this response, we will discuss three top counter heroes and their roles in team compositions.

*1. Granger:

The Agile Counter

Granger is a versatile hero who excels at disrupting enemy formations and dealing massive damage. His first skill, "Thunderbolt," grants him increased movement speed, making him an excellent chaser or escaper. Granger’s second skill, "Volt Toss," can stun enemies, giving his team the perfect opportunity to follow up with crowd control or damage.

Granger truly shines in team fights due to his ultimate, "Thunderstorm." This ability deals area damage and slows enemies, making it an ideal choice for initiating a team fight or finishing off low health enemies.

*2. Zilong: The Brave Swordsman

Zilong is a melee hero renowned for his exceptional mobility and crowd control capabilities. His first skill, "Charge Up," not only increases Zilong’s attack power but also allows him to dash through enemies, creating openings for teammates or escaping dangerous situations.

The second ability of Zilong, "Charging Thrust," is an excellent tool for initiating fights or finishing off low health enemies. This skill deals damage and stuns the target, giving your team a significant advantage in any engagement.

Zilong’s ultimate, "Dashing Strike," not only deals massive area damage but also stuns all enemies hit. With this ability, Zilong can control the flow of battle, creating opportunities for his team to follow up with crowd control or damage.

*3. Gusion: The Stealthy Assassin

Gusion is an assassin hero who specializes in dealing high burst damage to squishy targets. His first skill, "Shadow Dance," allows him to dash and disappear, making it difficult for enemies to track his position. This ability also grants Gusion increased attack speed, enhancing his damage output.

Gusion’s second skill, "Poison Mist," is an area of effect ability that deals poison damage over time. When used effectively, this skill can significantly weaken enemy heroes, making them easier targets for your team to finish off.

Gusion’s ultimate, "Death Mark," marks a single target and deals massive damage upon activation. This ultimate is often used to secure kills or take down crucial enemies, such as the enemy’s carry or support hero.

In conclusion, counter heroes like Granger, Zilong, and Gusion play essential roles in MLBB team compositions. They possess unique abilities that can disrupt enemy formations, deal massive damage, and provide crowd control, making them indispensable assets to any team. By mastering these heroes, players can elevate their gameplay experience and contribute effectively towards victory.