Counter Edith in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

Subtitle: Empower Your Gameplay with Effective Counter Strategies

Are you finding it challenging to counter Edith, the Dark Elf Assassin, in your Mobile Legends matches?

Fear not!

In this comprehensive guide, we will reveal the top 3 heroes that can effectively neutralize Edith’s strengths and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

  1. Achilles – The Unyielding Tank

Subtitle: Robust Defense and Crowd Control

Achilles is a reliable tank hero that excels at absorbing damage and crowd control, making him an ideal counter for Edith. His ultimate skill, "Vengeance," can root enemies in place, preventing Edith from executing her stealthy escapes. Moreover, his passive ability, "Unyielding," grants additional defense when he is below 50% HP, allowing him to withstand Edith’s relentless assaults.

  1. Granger – The Agile Marksman

Subtitle: Long-Range Damage and Precision

Granger, the Mobile Legends’ marksman hero, is another effective counter for Edith due to his long-range damage capabilities and mobility. Granger can use his "Ultimate – Rocket Storm" to keep a safe distance from Edith while dealing consistent damage. Additionally, Granger’s "Skill 2 – Crouching Tiger" allows him to dash through enemies, making it difficult for Edith to ambush him.

  1. Mikhail – The Divine Support

Subtitle: Healing and Crowd Control

Lastly, Mikhail, the support hero, is an excellent choice when facing Edith due to his healing and crowd control abilities. Mikhail’s "Ultimate – Divine Judgment" can stun and silence enemies, preventing Edith from using her stealthy abilities effectively. Furthermore, his "Skill 2 – Holy Light" provides a shield and heals allies, ensuring your team remains robust and resilient against Edith’s attacks.

In conclusion, by mastering the strategies of Achilles, Granger, or Mikhail, you will significantly improve your chances of countering Edith in Mobile Legends matches.