Counter Esmeralda in the offlane with these 3 best heroes

Welcome, dear reader, to our comprehensive guide on countering Esmeralda in the offlane. Esmeralda, the enchantress, is a popular hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang due to her crowd control and mobility. However, facing an Esmeralda offlane can be quite challenging for many heroes. In this article, we will discuss three top heroes that excel at countering Esmeralda and provide you with valuable insights on how to effectively deal with her in the offlane.

1. Bruno:

The Ultimate Counter Initiator

Bruno, the professional, is a versatile hero who excels at initiating fights and countering Esmeralda’s crowd control abilities. With his skillset, you can easily disrupt Esmeralda’s combo and turn the tide of the fight in your favor.

* **Ultimate:**

Bruno’s ultimate, “Ricochet Shot,” allows him to deal massive damage to enemies in a wide area. This skill is perfect for countering Esmeralda’s “Charming Bullets” and “Dazzling Blink.”

* **Passive:**

Bruno’s passive, “Fearless Charge,” grants him additional movement speed when he charges towards enemies. This can help you easily approach Esmeralda and initiate fights before she can use her abilities to escape.

**2. Lesley: The Long-Range Specialist**

Lesley, the sniper, is another excellent counter hero for the offlane against Esmeralda. With her long-range capabilities, you can safely harass Esmeralda from a distance and prevent her from getting too close to your team’s tower.

* **Skill 1:**

Lesley’s first skill, “Bullet Mark,” increases her attack speed and marks targets for her ultimate. This skill is perfect for applying pressure on Esmeralda and denying her last hits in the lane.

* **Ultimate:**

Lesley’s ultimate, “Meteor Rain,” deals massive area damage to enemies. Use this skill to harass Esmeralda while she’s trying to farm or approach your tower.

**3. Karrie:

The Agile Assassin**

Karrie, the hunter, is a hero that can effectively counter Esmeralda’s mobility and crowd control abilities with her high mobility and damage output.

* **Skill 1:**

Karrie’s first skill, “Vision of Pain,” reveals enemies in a large area and deals damage to them. Use this skill to keep track of Esmeralda’s movements and prevent her from ganking your teammates.

* **Ultimate:**

Karrie’s ultimate, “Shadow Walk,” allows her to move quickly around the map and evade enemy abilities. Use this skill to dodge Esmeralda’s crowd control abilities and engage on her when it’s safe to do so.

**Summary: Mastering Your Counter Hero**

By mastering these three heroes, you’ll be well-equipped to counter Esmeralda in the offlane effectively. Remember that practice makes perfect, so take some time to experiment with these heroes and learn their mechanics. With dedication and determination, you’ll become a formidable force against any Esmeralda offlaner.