Counter Estes in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

Estes, the Priestess of Nature, is a popular support hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang due to her ability to heal allies and provide crowd control. However, her healing abilities can make it challenging for opposing teams to take down targets effectively. In this guide, we will discuss the top 3 heroes that counter Estes to help you gain an edge in your battles.

1. Chang’e – Lunar Goddess of Love

Chang’e is a versatile assassin hero with a kit perfectly suited for countering Estes. Her ultimate skill, "Moonlight Blade," can pass through enemy defenses and deal true damage to low health targets. By focusing on picking off Estes during team fights or initiating ganks on her, Chang’e can significantly impact the game’s outcome.

Additionally, Chang’e’s passive skill, "Moonlit Tranquility," allows her to regain energy while in the forest, making it easier for her to roam and apply pressure on the enemy laners.

2. Wanwan – Demon Hunter

Wanwan is a powerful marksman hero with a kit focused on dealing high damage quickly. Her ultimate skill, "Crimson Arrow," deals area-of-effect true damage and can be used to clear minions in the jungle or take down low health enemies, including Estes. Additionally, her passive skill, "Moonlight Blade," grants her bonus attack speed whenever she hits an enemy hero with three consecutive attacks.

To effectively counter Estes as Wanwan, try to position yourself near the support during team fights and focus on attacking them before they can heal their allies. Also, keep in mind that your teammates’ positions as well since Estes is known for her crowd control abilities, which could potentially hinder your damage output.

3. Aldous – The Jungle King

Aldous is a tanky jungler hero with high mobility and crowd control abilities, making him an excellent counter to Estes. His ultimate skill, "Primal Rage," grants him increased movement speed and attack speed while dealing damage to enemies in his path. This ability can be used to chase down Estes during ganks or engage in team fights to disrupt her healing capabilities.

Additionally, Aldous’s second skill, "Primal Roar," stuns enemies, making it easier for your team to focus fire on targets without being interrupted by Estes’ healing abilities. Always keep an eye on the enemy’s positioning and coordinate with your team to maximize the impact of your crowd control abilities.

In conclusion, countering Estes in Mobile Legends requires heroes that can deal high damage quickly or disrupt her ability to heal allies effectively. Chang’e, Wanwan, and Aldous are excellent hero choices for accomplishing these tasks, ensuring a more balanced and strategic team composition. Remember that communication and coordination with your team are crucial when dealing with a powerful support hero like Estes.