Counter Eudora in Mobile Legends with these 5 best heroes

If you’re having a hard time dealing with the mage hero, Eudora, in your Mobile Legends matches, don’t worry! In this guide, we will share the top 5 heroes that excel in countering Eudora and turn the tables on her.

1. Granger:

The Farming Machine

Granger is an excellent choice when going up against Eudora due to his superior farming speed and mobility. His ultimate skill, "Farmers Will," empowers him with a faster jungle clear and gold acquisition. Additionally, Granger’s passive ability, "Lucky Farmer," makes him less susceptible to ganking since he can quickly regain health and mana by farming in the jungle.

2. Chou: The Juggernaut

Chou is another powerful pick that can effectively counter Eudora. His crowd control abilities, such as "Stun Punch," make it difficult for Eudora to escape or engage in team fights. Chou’s high survivability and tankiness also allow him to soak up damage and protect allies from Eudora’s burst damage.

3. Lunox:

The Shapeshifter

Lunox is a versatile hero that can adapt to various playstyles, making her an excellent counter to Eudora. Her kit includes skills that allow her to control space and deal substantial damage to enemies, like "Primal Tide" and "Celestial Embrace." Lunox’s ability to transform into different forms and manipulate terrain makes it challenging for Eudora to land her abilities effectively.

4. Balmond: The Bruiser

Balmond is an aggressive jungler that can quickly clear camps and secure important objectives, making him a formidable counter against Eudora. His crowd control abilities, such as "Bash," and high damage output from his "Frenzy" skill make it difficult for Eudora to deal with him. Balmond’s fast jungle clear also puts pressure on the enemy laner, forcing them to spend more time farming instead of ganking other lanes.

5. Helcurt: The Assassin

Last but not least, Helcurt is an excellent counter hero for Eudora due to his high mobility and burst damage. His "Vampiric Rush" skill allows him to quickly close gaps between himself and his enemies while dealing significant damage. Helcurt’s ultimate ability, "Shadow Walk," makes it difficult for Eudora to track him down, as he can move around the battlefield unseen.

In conclusion, these five heroes provide various counterplay options against Eudora in Mobile Legends. Each hero brings unique abilities and playstyles that can effectively deal with her burst damage and mobility.