Counter Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

Greetings, esteemed Mobile Legends players!

Today, we’ll delve into the world of counter heroes that can effectively neutralize Gatotkaca’s formidable presence on the battlefield. Let’s explore three remarkable heroes that have proven their mettle in this regard.

**1. ****Nana (Support)****: Nana, a versatile and supportive hero, is an excellent counter to Gatotkaca with her crowd control abilities and stun potential. Nana’s ultimate skill, “Chain Crow,” can immobilize multiple enemies, making it challenging for Gatotkaca to use his powerful initiation skills. Additionally, Nana’s second ability, “Crow Feast,” can significantly reduce the enemy’s attack power and defense, rendering Gatotkaca less threatening.

**2. **Karina (Assassin)****: Karina, a swift and deadly assassin, can easily evade Gatotkaca’s long-range attacks while dealing substantial damage with her basic abilities. Her ultimate skill, “Mark of Assassin,” can instantly kill low-health enemies, making it an effective tool for eliminating Gatotkaca when he’s on the brink of defeat. Furthermore, Karina’s second ability, “Silent Murder,” can silence enemies, preventing them from using skills or abilities, which is crucial in disrupting Gatotkaca’s combo attacks.

**3. **Gusion (Mage)****: Gusion, a mobile and magical mage hero, can counter Gatotkaca with his crowd control and burst damage potential. His first ability, “Lightning Flash,” can stun enemies in its path, providing an opportunity for allies to engage or escape from Gatotkaca’s grasp. Additionally, Gusion’s ultimate skill, “Thunderclap,” can deal area-of-effect damage, making it an effective crowd control tool against Gatotkaca and his teammates.

In conclusion, these three heroes—Nana, Karina, and Gusion—can effectively counter Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends by disrupting his initiation and damage output while dealing significant damage of their own. By mastering the unique abilities and synergies of these heroes, players can tip the balance of power in their favor and secure victory on the battlefield.