Counter Granger in Mobile Legends using these 3 best heroes

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang introduces a diverse roster of heroes, each with unique abilities and roles. Among them are the Counter heroes, who excel at disrupting enemy initiatives and turning the tide of battles. In this text, we’ll discuss three top Counter heroes and their strategic uses.

1. Granger:

The Agile Disruptor

Granger is a versatile hero known for his swift attacks and crowd control abilities. His ultimate skill, "Untouchable," makes him invulnerable to enemy attacks during the cast, enabling him to safely engage in team fights or escape dangerous situations.

_Counter Play:_

Granger’s abilities make him an excellent counter to heroes with long-range or area of effect skills. He can quickly close the gap and disable them before they can unleash their full potential. A well-timed “Untouchable” can also save Granger from enemy initiations, securing his team’s victory.

**2. Zilong: The Brave Swordsman**

Zilong is a melee hero with high mobility and strong offensive capabilities. His third skill, “Chasing Wind,” grants him a burst of speed, making it easier for him to catch up to elusive enemies or escape pursuing foes.

_Counter Play:_

Zilong’s swiftness makes him an excellent counter against immobile heroes such as Sun and Taka. By using his mobility to dodge their abilities and quickly engage in melee combat, Zilong can significantly disrupt their strategies and gain the upper hand.

**3. Aldous: The Unstoppable Beast**

Aldous is a tank hero with high health and damage output. His first skill, “Jungle Drain,” allows him to recover health when attacking enemies in the jungle, making him an excellent choice for solo lane.

_Counter Play:_

Aldous’s regeneration abilities make him a formidable counter against heroes that rely on sustained damage or mobility, such as Ling and Gusion. By absorbing their attacks and retaliating with his crowd control abilities, Aldous can effectively neutralize their impact on the battlefield and secure crucial victories for his team.

In conclusion, Granger, Zilong, and Aldous are three powerful Counter heroes in Mobile Legends that excel at disrupting enemy initiatives and turning the tide of battles. Understanding their unique abilities and strategic uses can significantly enhance your gameplay experience and contribute to your team’s success.