Counter Gusion in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

When it comes to countering a hero as formidable as Gusion, you’ll want to have a solid team composition and heroes that can effectively neutralize his strengths. Here are our top 3 picks for Mobile Legends’ counter heroes against Gusion.

1. Bane – The Undying Terror**

  • Countering Gusion’s Initiative: Bane excels at initiating team fights and turning the tide in your favor. With his crowd control abilities, he can easily lock down and silence Gusion, preventing him from using his ultimate effectively.
  • Tankiness and Survivability: Bane’s passive allows him to regenerate health when taking damage below a certain threshold, making him an excellent tank to absorb Gusion’s burst damage.

2. Karina – The Assassin Queen**

  • *Outmaneuvering Gusion:*

    With her high mobility and assassination abilities, Karina can easily dodge Gusion’s skills while dealing massive damage in the process. Her ultimate allows her to bypass enemy defenses, making it an effective counter to Gusion’s crowd control and tankiness.

  • Burrowed Treasure: Karina’s first skill, Burrowed Treasure, is especially useful against Gusion as it not only increases her attack speed but also grants her invisibility when activated, enabling her to catch Gusion off guard and secure kills.

3. Kimmy – The Flexible Support**

  • Crowd Control: Kimmy’s abilities excel at crowd control, allowing her to lock down multiple enemies, including Gusion, for extended periods. Her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal, can silence and slow enemies, making it an effective counter to Gusion’s burst damage and initiation.

    * *Healing and Utility:*

    As a support hero, Kimmy’s role is to keep her team alive through healing and crowd control abilities. Her passive, Regeneration Fruit, allows her to heal herself and nearby allies when they take damage, making her an invaluable asset during team fights against Gusion.

In conclusion, countering a versatile hero like Gusion requires careful planning and the right hero composition. Bane, Karina, and Kimmy offer unique abilities that can effectively neutralize Gusion’s strengths and turn the tables in your favor. Remember, successful counter picks often come down to understanding each hero’s role, abilities, and synergies with your team.