Counter Hanabi in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

Subtitle: A Comprehensive Guide for Effective Team Composition


Hello, esteemed mobile legends players! Today, we delve into the world of strategic team compositions and discuss the top 3 counter heroes that can effectively neutralize the formidable mage hero, Hanabi. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore their unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as provide practical tips on how to use them in battle.

  1. Gusion:

    The Agile Assassin

Subtitle: Stealth and Speed for Counterplay

Ability Overview:

Gusion is a versatile assassin hero with the ability to deal massive burst damage to enemies through his ultimate, Fatal Toxin. His passive, Quick Feet, increases his movement speed when he is not attacking, allowing him to quickly close gaps and evade enemy advances.

Strategic Usage:

Gusion excels at countering Hanabi’s long-range abilities by getting up close and personal. He can use his stealth ability, Vanish, to evade Hanabi’s skillshots and position himself for a devastating assassination. Moreover, Gusion’s ultimate synergizes well with Hanabi’s crowd control abilities, allowing teammates to focus on taking down enemy heroes more effectively.

  1. Balemon:

    The Earthquake Titan

Subtitle: Stability and Crowd Control for Counterplay

Ability Overview:

Balemon is a tank hero that provides durability and crowd control through his abilities, including his ultimate, Earthquake, which deals area damage and stuns enemies. His passive, Magma Skin, grants him a shield when he takes damage from enemy heroes, making him an excellent frontliner.

Strategic Usage:

Balemon is an essential counter to Hanabi due to his ability to absorb her crowd control abilities and protect teammates from her burst damage. His ultimate, Earthquake, can be used to disrupt Hanabi’s ultimate and force her to recast it, giving your team the opportunity to retaliate. Additionally, Balemon’s passive provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring that he can withstand Hanabi’s constant barrage of spells.

  1. Chou: The Radiant Beast

Subtitle: Tankiness and Initiation for Counterplay

Ability Overview:

Chou is a melee fighter hero with high health and damage output, making him an ideal counter to Hanabi’s long-range abilities. His ultimate, Stun and Pounce, allows him to initiate fights and stun enemy heroes, giving his team the upper hand in team fights.

Strategic Usage:

Chou is a versatile hero that can effectively counter Hanabi by initiating engagements and absorbing her damage through his high health pool. His stun ability forces Hanabi to use her skills more strategically, while his crowd control abilities enable your team to focus on taking down enemy heroes without interference. Additionally, Chou’s ultimate synergizes well with Hanabi’s long cooldowns, ensuring that he can consistently initiate fights and maintain pressure on the enemy team.


In conclusion, Gusion, Balemon, and Chou are excellent counter heroes in Mobile Legends for the mage hero, Hanabi. Each hero possesses unique abilities that enable them to neutralize Hanabi’s long-range capabilities, provide crowd control, and absorb damage. By understanding their strengths and weaknesses and employing effective team compositions, you can effectively counter Hanabi and emerge victorious in your Mobile Legends battles.