Counter Layla in Mobile Legends with these 5 best heroes


Welcome Mobile Legends enthusiasts!

In today’s guide, we will be discussing the top five heroes that effectively counter Layla, the Marksman hero known for her long-range attacks and crowd control abilities. These heroes will not only help you deal with Layla but also provide valuable support to your team.

**1. Granger – The Agile Counter**

Granger’s agility and mobility make him an excellent counter to Layla. His passive ability, “Sprint,” allows him to move faster after using a skill or basic attack, enabling him to dodge Layla’s long-range attacks. Furthermore, Granger’s ultimate skill, “Dash,” can be used strategically to close the gap between you and Layla, allowing you to deal damage without being hit by her skills.

**2. Chou – The Bruiser’s Revenge**

Chou, the Fighter hero, is another effective counter to Layla. His crowd control abilities, such as his “Stun Punch” and “Ultimate,” can prevent Layla from using her abilities effectively against your team. Additionally, Chou’s high survivability and tankiness make him an excellent frontliner, protecting your team from Layla’s attacks while dealing significant damage to her in return.

**3. Lesley – The Long-Range Battle**

Lesley, another Marksman hero, is an excellent counter to Layla due to her long-range abilities and high damage output. Her passive ability, “Stealth Assault,” allows her to fire her shots without being detected by enemies, making it difficult for Layla to retaliate against her. Lesley’s ultimate skill, “Ultimate – Crystal Rain,” can deal massive area damage, making it an effective crowd control tool against Layla and her team.

**4. Aldous – The Jungle Menace**

Aldous, the Assassin hero, is a potent counter to Layla due to his stealth abilities and high mobility. His passive ability, “Nature’s Wrath,” grants him increased movement speed when he is not in combat, allowing him to quickly navigate the map and flank Layla when she least expects it. Additionally, Aldous’ ultimate skill, “Ultimate – Jungle Surge,” can be used to silence and slow down enemies, making it difficult for Layla to use her abilities effectively against your team.

**5. Gusion –

The Quick-Thinking Tactician**

Gusion, the Mage hero, may not seem like an obvious counter to Layla at first, but his abilities can be used effectively against her. His passive ability, “Mirroring Swords,” allows him to copy an enemy’s basic attack when he hits them with his skills or ultimate, making it possible for Gusion to mirror Layla’s attacks back at her. Furthermore, Gusion’s crowd control abilities, such as his “Ultimate – Mirror Image,” can be used to distract and disable Layla and her team, giving your team an opportunity to deal significant damage.


In conclusion, these five heroes effectively counter Layla in Mobile Legends due to their unique abilities, crowd control, mobility, and high damage output. By mastering the use of these heroes, you will not only be able to deal with Layla but also contribute significantly to your team’s success.