Counter Martis in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

Are you in search of Mobile Leggers heroes that can effectively counter Martis?

Look no further!

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into three top hero picks that excel in neutralizing Martis’ strengths.

1. Lancelot –

The Elusive Swordsman

Lancelot is an agile assassin hero whose abilities can quickly turn the tides of battle. When facing Martis, focus on using his first skill, "Mark of the Beast," to gain extra attack speed and movement speed, allowing you to dodge Martis’ charges with ease. Additionally, Lancelot’s third skill, "Eternal Winter," is perfect for interrupting Martis’ ultimate, "Raging Spree." With these abilities and proper positioning, you can outmaneuver Martis and claim victory.

2. Kagura –

The Mystic Moonlight

Kagura is a versatile mage hero who can deal both magical and physical damage, making her an excellent counter for Martis. Her first skill, "Thousand Autumns," is great for controlling the battlefield and preventing Martis from charging in with impunity. Furthermore, Kagura’s third skill, "Moonlight Blade," can be used to deal significant damage to Martis while he is in the midst of his ultimate. This combination of crowd control and burst damage makes Kagura a formidable opponent for Martis.

3. Chou – The Iron Fist

Chou, the tank hero with immense durability and crowd control abilities, can effectively counter Martis by absorbing his attacks while dealing significant damage in return. Use Chou’s first skill, "Stunning Punch," to stun Martis and prevent him from using his charge abilities. Additionally, Chou’s third skill, "Super Immunity," can absorb incoming damage, making it difficult for Martis to deal significant harm. By utilizing these abilities and your team’s synergy, you can successfully counter Martis’ aggressive playstyle and secure victory for your squad.

**Summary: Mastering the Art of Counterplay**

In conclusion, Lancelot, Kagura, and Chou are top Mobile Legends heroes that excel at countering Martis’ strengths. By understanding their unique abilities and employing proper positioning, you can outmaneuver or absorb Martis’ attacks while dealing significant damage in return. Mastering the art of counterplay will not only improve your own gameplay but also enhance the overall team dynamic.