Counter Moskov in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

When it comes to countering Moskov in Mobile Legends, knowing his strengths and weaknesses is key. Moskov, the Muscle Guy, is a Fighter hero renowned for his incredible damage output and crowd control abilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss three effective heroes to counter Moskov and share valuable tips on how to outmaneuver him in battle.

1. Granger:

The Agile Farmer

Granger is an Assassin hero who excels at mobility and burst damage. He can use his third skill, "Jumping Cane," to quickly dodge Moskov’s abilities and close the gap between them, making it difficult for Moskov to land his crowd control skills effectively. Moreover, Granger’s ultimate, "Fruit of Rage," provides him with a significant damage boost when attacking enemies below 30% health. This can be crucial against Moskov, as it allows you to deal massive damage during his late game burst.

2. Karrie: The Blade Dancer

Karrie is another Assassin hero known for her mobility and burst potential. Her third skill, "Shadow Leap," grants her a massive movement speed boost, enabling her to dodge Moskov’s abilities with ease. Additionally, her ultimate, "Blade Rain," deals area damage, making it an excellent tool for countering Moskov’s crowd control abilities. With proper positioning and timing, you can use Karrie to consistently deal damage to Moskov while avoiding his retaliation.

3. Selena: The Moon Elf

Selena is a Mage hero who specializes in controlling the battlefield with crowd control abilities. Her third skill, "Lunar Crescent," can be used to disrupt Moskov’s charge by knocking him up and stunning him, preventing him from dealing damage or using his abilities effectively. Furthermore, Selena’s ultimate, "Moonlit Empowerment," provides her with a shield and increased attack speed, allowing her to survive Moskov’s burst and counterattack during team fights.

**Conclusion: Mastering the Art of Counterplay**

Countering Moskov in Mobile Legends requires a solid understanding of his abilities and knowing how to effectively use your hero’s strengths to mitigate his damage and crowd control. By choosing heroes like Granger, Karrie, or Selena, you can outmaneuver Moskov, disrupt his combos, and deal significant damage during team fights. Remember that practice makes perfect; spend time in the training ground and familiarize yourself with these heroes’ abilities to become a formidable counter to Moskov in the world of Mobile Legends.