Counter Paquito in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

Subtitle: Mastering the Matchups

Dear Valued User,

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the top counter heroes for Paquito in Mobile Legends. If you’re a Paquito player looking to gain an edge against some of the most popular heroes in the meta or if you’re an opponent trying to outmaneuver Paquito, this guide is for you!

  1. Granger:

    The Versatile Farmer

Subheading: Countering Paquito with Crowd Control and Sustain

Granger, the farming hero, is a reliable counter pick against Paquito due to his crowd control abilities and sustain in team fights. His ultimate skill, "Cannon Barrage," deals area damage and slows enemies, making it challenging for Paquito to land hits during prolonged engagements. Additionally, Granger’s second skill, "Harvest Labor," heals him and nearby allies when dealing damage, enabling him to sustain in team fights and effectively counter Paquito’s burst damage.

  1. Gusion:

    The Agile Assassin

Subheading: Countering Paquito with Mobility and Burst Damage

Gusion, the agile assassin, is another effective hero against Paquito due to his mobility and burst damage capabilities. His third skill, "Seven Stars Dance," allows him to dash around the battlefield, making it difficult for Paquito to pin him down with crowd control abilities like "Super Tornado." Moreover, Gusion’s ultimate skill, "Stellar Saber," deals massive damage in a short area, enabling him to burst down Paquito quickly before he can unleash his devastating abilities.

  1. Chou: The Relentless Bruiser

Subheading: Countering Paquito with Tankiness and Crowd Control

Chou, the relentless bruiser, is a solid counter pick against Paquito due to his tankiness and crowd control abilities. Chou’s passive skill, "Basic Attack Enhancement," increases his attack speed and damage when attacking heroes with low health, making it easy for him to pressure Paquito and force him into mistakes. Furthermore, Chou’s ultimate skill, "Stunning Tiger," stuns enemies and deals area damage, making it challenging for Paquito to land his abilities effectively during team fights.


In conclusion, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these top counter heroes against Paquito can significantly improve your gameplay experience in Mobile Legends.