Counter Ruby in Mobile Legends with these 3 heroes

When it comes to countering the Ruby hero in Mobile Legends, understanding her strengths and weaknesses is key to devising an effective strategy. In this article, we’ll explore three heroes that can give Ruby a run for her money, along with actionable tips on how to maximize their potential.

1. Balmond: The Fearless Tank

Balmond is an ideal counterpick against Ruby due to his high sustainability and crowd control abilities. His passive skill, "Fury," grants him increased attack speed and damage for every enemy hero he hits with basic attacks, making him a relentless force in team fights. To effectively use Balmond against Ruby, focus on initiating engagements and drawing her aggression away from your team. Use your ultimate ability, "Dash," to quickly close the gap between you and Ruby, and rely on your crowd control abilities like "Bash" and "War Axes" to keep her immobilized and prevent her from dealing significant damage.

2. Chou: The Agile Assassin

Chou is another strong counter against Ruby due to his high mobility and burst damage potential. With his kit, you can easily avoid Ruby’s abilities and retaliate with devastating counterattacks. Use your ultimate skill, "Crescent Blade," to close the distance between you and Ruby quickly, and keep her guessing by utilizing your stealth ability, "Vanish." When engaging in combat, focus on landing your CC abilities like "Stunning Tap" and "Wing Claw" to immobilize Ruby and give yourself an opportunity to deal significant damage.

3. Gusion:

The Elusive Mage

Gusion is a versatile mage hero that excels at countering Ruby’s mobility and control abilities. His kit includes several crowd control abilities, like his second skill, "Venom," which slows enemies, and his third skill, "Sky Dance," which allows him to quickly dodge enemy attacks and reposition himself. To effectively use Gusion against Ruby, focus on staying mobile and using your abilities to keep her at bay while dealing consistent damage from a safe distance. Utilize your ultimate ability, "Dragon’s Claw," to deal massive burst damage and finish off any weakened targets.

In conclusion, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each hero and choosing the right counterpick is crucial for success in Mobile Legends. By utilizing Balmond’s crowd control and tankiness, Chou’s mobility and burst damage, or Gusion’s versatility and crowd control, you can effectively counter Ruby and turn the tide of the battle in your favor.