Counter Terizla in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

Welcome, valiant Mobile Legends players!

Today we’ll delve into the fascinating world of countering the mighty Terizla, the Earthshaker, with our top three hero picks. These heroes, when employed strategically, can significantly reduce Terizla’s effectiveness on the battlefield.

**1. **Gusion – The Thunder God**

Gusion, also known as the Thunder God, is an Agility Assassin that excels at eliminating squishy targets with his high mobility and burst damage. His ultimate skill, “Thunderclap,” deals area damage, making him a formidable foe for Terizla. Moreover, Gusion’s first skill, “Electric Shock,” can stun Terizla, providing an excellent opportunity to land critical hits.

**2. **Kimmy – The Unseen Fist**

Kimmy, the stealthy Fighter, is our second pick for countering Terizla. With her invisibility and burst damage capabilities, she can catch Terizla off-guard and deal significant damage before he has a chance to retaliate. Kimmy’s ultimate skill, “Fan Serve,” makes her an even more potent threat as it allows her to dash through enemies and deal extra damage upon hitting them.

**3. **Zilong – The Swordmaster**

Lastly, we have Zilong, the renowned Swordmaster. His mobility and versatility make him an excellent counter for Terizla. Zilong’s first skill, “Charging Thrust,” can be used to harass Terizla from a distance, while his third skill, “Thunderstrike,” deals area damage, making it challenging for Terizla to keep up with the constant pressure.


There you have it, dear players! Our top three heroes, Gusion, Kimmy, and Zilong, are excellent choices when dealing with the Earthshaker, Terizla. Their unique abilities allow them to outmaneuver and outdamage him, ensuring a more favorable outcome for your team. Remember that mastering these heroes’ abilities and employing effective team coordination will significantly increase your chances of success.