Counter Tigreal in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

Welcome, Mobile Legends enthusiasts!

In today’s discussion, we’ll be diving into the art of countering Tigreal, one of the most formidable tanks in the game.

If you’ve been struggling against this mighty hero, fret not!

Here are our top 3 hero recommendations that can help turn the tide of battle in your favor.

**1. Granger: Bouncer**

Granger is a versatile marksman hero with excellent crowd control abilities, making him an effective counter to Tigreal. The Bouncer skill set provides Granger with a dash ability and a knockback ultimate, which can help manage Tigral’s aggressive advances. Moreover, his passive, “Golden Strike,” grants bonus attack speed after landing successful basic attacks, allowing him to deal significant damage to Tigreal when he attempts to engage in melee combat.

**2. Karina:

Assassin Extraordinaire**

Karina is an assassin hero with a high mobility kit, making her an excellent choice for countering Tigreal. Her ultimate skill, "Skye Fall," allows her to dash into the enemy backline and eliminate key targets in seconds. With Tigreal often playing the role of initiator or engager, Karina can use this to her advantage by jumping in during a team fight, taking down critical heroes, and disappearing before Tigreal can react.

3. Aurora: Frost Queen

Aurora is a mage hero with an area of effect (AOE) ultimate that can freeze enemies in their tracks. Her crowd control abilities make her a valuable asset when dealing with Tigreal, as she can prevent him from getting too close to your team and disrupting his initiations. Additionally, Aurora’s passive, "Frozen Heart," increases her magic damage based on the number of enemy heroes hit by her ultimate skill, "Crystallize." With Tigreal often engaging in melee combat and being a significant target, Aurora can deal massive damage to him while keeping his team at bay.

**Conclusion: Outmaneuvering Tigreal**

In summary, Granger, Karina, and Aurora are three Mobile Legends heroes that excel at countering Tigreal’s aggressive playstyle. Granger’s crowd control and mobility make him an excellent choice for managing Tigreal’s engagements. Karina’s assassin abilities allow her to eliminate key targets before Tigreal can get in close, while Aurora’s crowd control and area damage can keep Tigreal and his team at bay. Mastering these heroes will not only help you counter Tigreal but also make you a valuable asset to your team.