**Countering Pharsa in Mobile Legends: Top 3 Hero Picks**

Pharsa, the Elemental Mage from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is a formidable hero known for her crowd control abilities and high burst damage. However, if you find yourself facing off against this magical menace, there are several heroes that can effectively counter her. In this article, we’ll delve into the top three hero picks for countering Pharsa.

1. Lunox:

The Ultimate Counter

Lunox, the Guardian Assassin, is a versatile hero who excels at disrupting enemy formations and dealing massive damage with her ultimate ability, Lunar Blade. Her kit includes crowd control abilities that can easily shut down Pharsa’s initiations. Moreover, Lunox’s passive ability, Celestial Embrace, provides her with a shield when she uses her ultimate, making it an excellent counter against Pharsa’s burst damage.

**Subheading: Lunox’s Abilities to Counter Pharsa**

**Lunar Blade (Ultimate):**

A powerful area of effect skill that deals damage and disables enemies for a few seconds, making it an effective tool against Pharsa’s crowd control.

**Celestial Embrace (Passive):**

This passive ability grants Lunox a shield when she uses her ultimate, helping her survive Pharsa’s burst damage.

**2. Kagura:

The Agile Interrupter**

Kagura, the Assassin from Japan, is another excellent counter to Pharsa due to her mobility and crowd control abilities. Her kit includes skills that can interrupt Pharsa’s initiations and provide team wide protection. For instance, her ultimate ability, Elusive Dance, allows Kagura to become invisible, dodge skill shots, and deal damage to enemies nearby, making it an excellent tool for disrupting Pharsa’s combos.

**Subheading: Kagura’s Abilities to Counter Pharsa**

**Elusive Dance (Ultimate):**

An effective crowd control ability that makes Kagura invisible and deals damage to nearby enemies, interrupting Pharsa’s initiation.

**Sacred Scripture (Passive):**

This passive ability provides Kagura and her allies with a shield when she enters the battlefield, helping them survive Pharsa’s burst damage.

**3. Granger:

The Sustainable Farmer**

Granger, the Marksman from the United States, is a durable hero that can sustain himself in prolonged team fights. His kit includes abilities that provide him with sustainability and crowd control capabilities, making it an effective counter to Pharsa’s burst damage and initiations. For instance, his ultimate ability, Golden Stick, allows Granger to restore health while dealing damage to enemies, helping him survive Pharsa’s attacks.

**Subheading: Granger’s Abilities to Counter Pharsa**

**Golden Stick (Ultimate):**

A sustainability and damage ability that restores Granger’s health while dealing damage to enemies, making it an effective tool for countering Pharsa’s burst damage.

**Crisp Salad (Passive):**

This passive ability grants Granger lifesteal, allowing him to heal during team fights and sustain himself against Pharsa’s attacks.

In conclusion, Lunox, Kagura, and Granger are effective counters to Pharsa in Mobile Legends due to their unique abilities and kits that can disrupt her initiations, provide crowd control, and sustain themselves during prolonged team fights. By mastering these heroes and understanding their abilities, you’ll be well-equipped to counter Pharsa and emerge victorious in your next battle.