**Discovering the Top 3 Counter Heroes for Cyclops in Mobile Legends**

Are you finding it challenging to counter the formidable Cyclops heroes in Mobile Legends?

Fear not, as we’ve got you covered with our expert recommendations!

In this guide, we will discuss three exceptional heroes that can turn the tide of battle against these fearsome opponents.

1. Granger:

The Agile Disabler

Granger’s kit excels at disrupting enemy movements and inflicting crowd control effects, making him an excellent counter to Cyclops heroes. His first skill, "Sprint," allows him to dash towards enemies while silencing them, perfect for interrupting Cyclops abilities. Granger’s ultimate skill, "Ultimate Evasion," provides him with invulnerability and mobility, enabling him to escape danger or reposition himself during team fights.

2. Kagura:

The Tenacious Warrior

Kagura is a versatile hero who can effectively counter Cyclops through her crowd control abilities and high survivability. Her first skill, "Healing Rain," not only restores health to her allies but also provides them with a shield, making it easier for your team to withstand Cyclops’ attacks. Kagura’s ultimate skill, "Ninja’s Preparation," empowers her and her nearby allies, increasing their attack speed and physical attack while reducing their damage taken.

3. Balmond: The Enraged Bruiser

Balmond is a tank hero with high damage output and crowd control abilities that make him an effective counter to Cyclops heroes. His first skill, "Rampage," deals area damage and pulls enemies towards him, allowing him to engage or disengage from fights as needed. Balmond’s third skill, "Horrifying Roar," provides a knockup effect on enemies, making it difficult for Cyclops to maintain their position during team fights.

In conclusion, Granger, Kagura, and Balmond are three exceptional heroes that can counter Cyclops in Mobile Legends. By employing their unique abilities, you can disrupt enemy movements, increase your team’s survivability, and deal crowd control and damage to keep the Cyclops heroes at bay.