Dplus KIA’s Canna only turned pro because of ‘bossy’ family


Dplus KIA’s Canna, whose real name is Kim Chan-young, began her golfing journey as an amateur with impressive performances at various domestic and international tournaments. However, her transition to a professional golfer was not a straightforward one, but rather the result of family queries and concerns.

**Family Queries:**

  1. Financial Stability: The primary concern raised by Canna’s family was the financial strain that professional golfers often face in their early careers. They wanted to ensure that their daughter had a stable source of income and a safety net, should her golf career not take off as planned.

  2. Education: Another query raised by the family was whether Canna would be able to complete her education if she decided to turn professional. Her parents believed that obtaining a university degree was essential for her future prospects, both in and outside of golf.

  3. Competitive Pressure: Lastly, Canna’s family questioned her ability to cope with the competitive pressures and stresses of professional golf. They wanted to make sure that she was mentally prepared for the rigors of a professional career.

**Addressing the Queries:**

  1. Financial Stability: Canna addressed her family’s concerns regarding financial stability by signing a multi-year endorsement deal with Dplus KIA, a leading automobile company in South Korea. This contract not only provided her with a steady income but also offered additional perks such as brand ambassadorship opportunities and sponsorships for events.

  2. Education: To address the education query, Canna made arrangements to pursue her studies alongside her golfing career. She enrolled in an online university program that allowed her to attend classes from anywhere in the world, provided she had a stable internet connection. This flexible learning solution enabled her to balance her academic responsibilities with her professional golf commitments.

  3. Competitive Pressure: In response to her family’s concerns about competitive pressure and stress, Canna underwent extensive mental training and counseling sessions to help her cope with the demands of professional golf. She also sought guidance from experienced golfers and coaches who had faced similar challenges in their careers.


Canna’s journey into professional golf was not an easy one, and the queries raised by her family were valid concerns. However, through a combination of careful planning, proactive problem-solving, and unwavering determination, she was able to address each query effectively and pave the way for a successful career on the LPGA Tour.


Canna’s story serves as an inspiration for young golfers who face similar queries from their families. It demonstrates that with a clear vision, unwavering determination, and effective planning, one can overcome the challenges posed by family concerns and pursue their dreams. Additionally, it highlights the importance of communication and understanding between family members and their aspiring golfer, as they work together to find solutions that benefit everyone involved.