DRX eliminate Masters Copenhagen champs in revenge match

DRX eliminate Masters Copenhagen champs in revenge match


The world of esports is full of surprises and upsets, but few moments were as shocking as the recent one when DRX, a South Korean League of Legends team, eliminated the reigning champions of the Masters Copenhagen tournament in a revenge match. The team had been defeated by the same team in the previous season, and they used that experience to come back stronger than ever.

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind DRX’s victory, the strategies they used to overcome their opponents, and what other gamers can learn from this example. We’ll also discuss the importance of revenge matches in esports, and how they can motivate players to perform at their best.

The Importance of Revenge Matches:

Revenge matches are an important part of esports because they provide an opportunity for players to prove that they have improved since their last encounter with a particular team. They also give teams a chance to avenge any losses or setbacks they may have suffered in the past. In some cases, revenge matches can be particularly motivating, as players feel a strong emotional connection to the outcome of the game.

The Case for DRX:

DRX is a highly skilled team that has been competing at the highest level of League of Legends for several years now. They have won numerous titles and tournaments, but they were particularly motivated to beat their previous opponents in this revenge match. The team had lost to their opponents in the previous season, and they saw this as an opportunity to prove that they were better than them this time around.

The Case for DRX

DRX’s Strategies for Victory:

DRX used a variety of strategies to defeat their opponents in the revenge match. One of their key tactics was to focus on countering the strengths of their opponents, rather than trying to outplay them in every aspect of the game. For example, they knew that their opponents were particularly skilled at playing certain champions, so they made sure to pick champions that would give them an advantage in those areas.

Another strategy used by DRX was to play smart and carefully think through their actions. They were aware of their opponents’ weaknesses and exploited them whenever possible. For instance, they noticed that their opponents had a tendency to overextend, so they made sure to avoid taking unnecessary risks and instead focused on playing defensively.

The Role of Mental Game:

Mental game played an important role in DRX’s victory as well. They knew that their opponents were highly skilled and could easily turn the tide of the game at any moment, so they had to stay focused and maintain their composure under pressure. This required a lot of practice and preparation, as well as the ability to remain calm and composed even in stressful situations.

Expert Opinions:

According to several experts in the esports industry, revenge matches are an important part of maintaining the competitive spirit of the sport. They provide motivation for players to improve and push themselves harder than they might otherwise be willing to do. As one expert put it, "Revenge matches can be some of the most intense and exciting moments in esports. They show that anything is possible with hard work and dedication."


DRX’s victory in the revenge match against their previous opponents is a testament to the importance of hard work, preparation, and mental game in esports. The team was able to overcome their opponents by using smart strategies and staying focused on their goals. They also showed that revenge matches can be an important motivator for players looking to prove themselves against their previous adversaries.


  1. What is a revenge match in esports?
    A revenge match is a game or series of games between two teams or players who have previously faced each other, often in a competitive setting. Revenge matches can be particularly intense and motivating, as players feel a strong emotional connection to the outcome of the game.
  2. How do revenge matches work?
    Revenge matches typically involve teams or players that have had a prior encounter, either in a friendly or competitive setting.