EVOS Legends reveal why they recruited Antimage and LJ


EVOS Legends, one of the most successful esports teams in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, has recently made headlines with their latest roster additions – Antimage and LJ. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind EVOS Legends’ decision to recruit these two exceptional players.

Who are Antimage and LJ?

Let’s first introduce our new recruits. Antimage, also known as Djardel Mampusti, is a Filipino Mobile Legends player who gained recognition for his impressive performance in the MLBB Professional League (MPL). He specializes in the marksman role and has shown versatility by excelling in various heroes, including Granger and Karrie. LJ, whose real name is Leo Janness Lanuza, is another Filipino Mobile Legends pro player, recognized for his exceptional skill as a tank hero. He previously played for Blacklist International and is known for his game knowledge and consistency.

Why Antimage?

EVOS Legends’ recruitment of Antimage comes down to several factors. Firstly, his versatility. Antimage has proven himself to be a master of various marksman heroes, which provides EVOS Legends with an edge in different matchups. His adaptability allows the team to adjust their strategy based on the opponent’s composition.

Secondly, anticipation and initiation. Antimage is known for his exceptional map awareness and ability to initiate fights. These traits are crucial in today’s competitive Mobile Legends scene, where teams need a reliable marksman who can provide early game pressure and secure kills for their team.

Lastly, mentality and leadership. Antimage has demonstrated strong mental focus during games, which is an essential trait for any pro player. Additionally, his experience as a captain in previous teams gives him valuable leadership skills that can benefit EVOS Legends both on and off the battlefield.

Why LJ?

As for LJ, EVOS Legends saw potential in his consistency, game knowledge, and ability to lead. His performance as a tank hero has been impressive, often securing crucial kills and providing a strong defensive presence for his team. Furthermore, LJ’s game knowledge and ability to read opponent’s strategies make him an invaluable addition to the roster.

Additionally, LJ’s leadership skills were a significant factor in EVOS Legends’ decision to recruit him. He was the captain of Blacklist International, where he led his team to several victories. These skills will not only help EVOS Legends on the battlefield but also contribute to fostering a strong team culture and mentality within the organization.


In conclusion, EVOS Legends’ recruitment of Antimage and LJ was based on their exceptional skillsets, adaptability, and leadership qualities. Both players bring unique strengths to the roster that will provide EVOS Legends with a significant competitive edge in the Mobile Legends esports scene. We are excited to see how these additions will impact the team’s performance moving forward.


  1. Why did EVOS Legends recruit Antimage and LJ?
    Answer: EVOS Legends recruited Antimage for his versatility, anticipation, and leadership qualities, while LJ was brought in for his consistency, game knowledge, and leadership skills.
  2. What roles do Antimage and LJ specialize in?
    Answer: Antimage is a marksman specialist, while LJ is known for excelling as a tank hero.
  3. Where did Antimage previously play before joining EVOS Legends?
    Answer: Antimage previously played for various Filipino Mobile Legends teams, most notably for Execration and ONIC Esports.
  4. What team did LJ previously play for before joining EVOS Legends?
    Answer: LJ previously played for Blacklist International in the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL).