EVOS Legends’ Zeys reveals what makes a great esports coach

Esports coaching is an essential aspect that contributes significantly to a team’s success in competitive gaming. In the case of EVOS Legends, a renowned Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) squad, the role of their coach, Zeys, cannot be overstated. Let us delve into what makes Zeys an excellent esports coach and the impact he has on his team.

1. Deep Understanding of the Game

A great esports coach must have an in-depth knowledge of the game they are coaching. In EVOS Legends’ case, Zeys has a profound understanding of MLBB mechanics, meta, and team dynamics. This familiarity enables him to create effective strategies tailored to his team’s strengths and weaknesses.


During the M2 World Championship, EVOS Legends faced teams with diverse playstyles. Zeys recognized the need for adaptability and prepared counter-strategies for various metas. This flexibility helped the team secure a top spot in the competition.

**2. Communication Skills**

Clear and concise communication is vital for any coach, esports or otherwise. Zeys excels at this aspect by effectively conveying game insights to his players, allowing them to make informed decisions during matches.


During a crucial team fight, Zeys communicated the enemy’s positioning and their potential threats based on their hero picks. His team was able to respond accordingly, securing a favorable outcome.

**3. Adaptability**

An excellent esports coach must be adaptable to changing circumstances. Zeys has shown his ability to adjust strategies in response to game developments or new meta trends. This flexibility is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.


During the M3 World Championship, MLBB introduced a significant patch that drastically changed hero balancing. Zeys quickly assessed the impact of these changes and adapted EVOS Legends’ strategies accordingly, ensuring their success in the tournament.

**4. Motivation and Leadership**

A great esports coach provides motivation and leads their team to victory. Zeys embodies this trait by maintaining a positive team environment, encouraging collaboration, and pushing his players to perform at their best.


During intense matches, Zeys kept the morale high by offering constructive feedback and recognizing individual accomplishments. This boosted his team’s confidence and focus, resulting in improved performance.

In conclusion, a great esports coach like EVOS Legends’ Zeys possesses deep game knowledge, exceptional communication skills, adaptability, and the ability to motivate and lead their team. These traits have contributed significantly to the team’s success in numerous competitions. By learning from Zeys, aspiring coaches can hone their craft and make a lasting impact on the esports scene.