EVOS Zeys promises to bring tank Lunox to MDL

When EVOS Zeys made the announcement about fielding a tank Lunox in the Mobile Legends: MDL tournament, many fans were intrigued and had several questions regarding this unexpected pick. In this text, we aim to answer some of the most common queries surrounding this topic.

  1. Why is EVOS Zeys bringing a tank Lunox to MDL?

EVOS Zeys might be opting for a tank Lunox to add more versatility and depth to their team composition, as well as to counter specific enemy heroes that may pose a threat. With her crowd control abilities and solid defensive capabilities, Lunox can effectively fill the tank role while still contributing to team fights with her damage.

  1. What items should be built on tank Lunox?

To optimize tank Lunox’s defensive capabilities, items such as Brute Force Breastplate, Magic Wand, and Abyssal Mask are commonly chosen. These items grant increased health, magic resistance, and crowd control reduction to effectively mitigate damage and secure crowd control for the team.

  1. What emblems should be used with tank Lunox?

The Tactician emblem set is a popular choice for tank Lunox due to its bonuses to cooldown reduction and movement speed. This setup allows Lunox to effectively engage in fights, secure objectives, and provide consistent crowd control for her team.

  1. What are the key abilities to max on tank Lunox?

Maxing Solar Blessing first for its healing capabilities is crucial for a tank Lunox, ensuring that she can stay alive longer during team fights and maintain her team’s health. Following this, maxing Celestial Embrace provides increased crowd control potential with its slow and stun effects. Lastly, maxing Cosmic Star enables Lunox to deal significant damage and provide additional crowd control through her ultimate ability.

  1. What are the key responsibilities for tank Lunox in team fights?

Tank Lunox’s primary responsibility is to absorb and distribute damage from enemy heroes, while also providing crowd control and initiation for her team. She should prioritize engaging enemy frontliners and initiating crowd control effects on enemies, allowing her team to focus on dealing damage and securing kills.

  1. Can tank Lunox carry a game in MDL?

While tank Lunox’s primary role is to provide support for her team, she can still significantly impact the outcome of a game through effective crowd control, initiation, and tankiness. Her ability to secure kills and objectives while maintaining her own survivability is an essential factor in carrying her team to victory.

  1. What are some common counter-picks against tank Lunox?

Heroes with high burst damage, such as Ling or Karrie, can quickly eliminate a tank Lunox before she can effectively engage or provide crowd control. Additionally, heroes with crowd control immunity or hard crowd control removal, like Chou or Gusion, can neutralize Lunox’s impact on the battlefield.

In conclusion, EVOS Zeys’ decision to bring a tank Lunox to MDL introduces an intriguing dynamic to their team composition and highlights the versatility of this hero in the Mobile Legends meta. By carefully considering her item builds, abilities, and responsibilities, teams can effectively utilize tank Lunox as a valuable asset for securing victories.