Exclusive: RSG PH’s Light believes Franco is the strongest tank in Mobile Legends right now

Franco, the Forest Guardian, has been a popular choice among Mobile Legends players for his robust defense and crowd control abilities. RSG PH, one of the most successful teams in the Mobile Legends Professional Scene, shares their perspective on why Franco is currently considered the strongest tank in the game.

Defensive Powerhouse

Franco’s defensive capabilities are unparalleled. His passive skill, "Guardian," grants him a shield when he uses his ultimate ability, "Bark of the Forest." This shield not only absorbs damage but also reflects it back to enemies. Additionally, Franco has high HP and HP Regen, making him an ideal frontliner for any team composition.

Crowd Control Master

Franco’s crowd control abilities are second to none. His first skill, "Thorny Branch," slows enemies hit, while his third skill, "Bark Cannon," stuns enemies hit and deals area damage. The combination of these skills makes Franco an excellent initiator and disabler in team fights.

Versatility and Team Synergy

Franco’s versatility lies in his ability to build both tank and damage items effectively, making him a valuable asset in any composition. Moreover, his crowd control abilities allow his teammates to focus on dealing damage without worrying about enemy disruptions.

**Summary: Franco – A Game Changer**

In conclusion, Franco’s unique combination of defensive prowess, crowd control abilities, and versatility makes him the strongest tank in Mobile Legends right now. His impact on team fights is significant, often turning the tides in favor of his team. For those looking to strengthen their team composition or simply want to try a new hero, Franco is an excellent choice.

**Pro Tip:

Mastering Franco’s Abilities**

To get the most out of Franco, mastering his abilities and understanding when to use them is crucial. Use Thorny Branch for crowd control in the early game and as a disabling tool in team fights. Bark Cannon is ideal for initiating engagements or controlling enemy advances during team fights. Lastly, use your ultimate ability, “Bark of the Forest,” at the right moment to absorb damage and reflect it back to enemies, securing crucial kills or saving your team from potential defeat.