Exclusive: Want to master Fanny? Kairi recommends streamer

I. Introduction

Being a beginner in Fanny can be an exciting yet challenging experience. To help you get started, we’ve turned to some of Kairi’s recommended streamers who have mastered the game and are eager to share their expertise with you. In this text, we will explore their tips and strategies to help you improve your Fanny skills.


Understanding Fanny’s Abilities

Before diving into specific tips, let’s first review Fanny’s unique abilities:

Jumping Knife:

Fanny throws a knife that deals damage to enemies in its path and marks them with a debuff, allowing her ultimate to deal extra damage.
Marked Target: Fanny’s ultimate, “Hook Shot,” pulls an enemy hero towards her, dealing damage and silencing them for a short duration.


Positioning and Map Awareness

Tip 1 (Streamer 1): "Always be aware of your positioning on the map. Use bushes to hide from enemies while approaching lanes or jungles."


Utilizing Jumping Knife


Tip 2 (Streamer 2): "Use Jumping Knife as a tool for scouting and initiating fights. The debuff it leaves on enemies can help set up ganks with your team."

V. Mastering Hook Shot

Tip 3 (Streamer 3): "Practice aiming accurately with Hook Shot to secure kills or assist your team in engages."


Synergizing with Your Team

Tip 4 (Streamer 4): "Communicate with your team to coordinate ganks and initiations, as Fanny excels at securing picks and turning the tide of a fight."



By implementing these expert tips from Kairi’s recommended streamers, you will be well on your way to mastering Fanny in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Remember, practice makes perfect – so keep playing and learning to hone your skills.