Falcon Esports is Myanmar’s M4 World Championship rep

Falcon Esports, a prominent name in the Myanmar esports scene, recently represented our country in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 World Championship. Let’s delve into their journey, achievements, and impact on the local and international esports community.


Falcon Esports was formed in 2019 by a group of passionate Myanmar gamers. Their primary focus has been Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), and they quickly rose through the ranks to become a formidable force in the Myanmar esports scene. They secured their spot in the M4 World Championship through their impressive performance in regional qualifiers.

Achievements at M4 World Championship

At the M4 World Championship, Falcon Esports showcased their skills against some of the best MLBB teams worldwide. Although they didn’t win the championship, they left a lasting impression on the competition by reaching the playoffs as the second Southeast Asian team. Their performances in various matches highlighted their strategic understanding of the game and excellent team coordination.

Impact on Myanmar Esports

Falcon Esports’ representation at the M4 World Championship brought significant attention to Myanmar esports both locally and internationally. The exposure gave the team an opportunity to connect with other teams, learn new strategies, and showcase their potential to global audiences. Moreover, it inspired many young gamers in Myanmar to pursue their dreams of becoming professional esports athletes.

The Road Ahead

Following their participation in the M4 World Championship, Falcon Esports continued to compete in local and regional tournaments. Their determination to improve and grow is evident through their consistent efforts to hone their skills and adapt to the ever-evolving MLBB meta. With a solid foundation and an unwavering spirit, Falcon Esports continues to represent Myanmar on the global esports stage.

In conclusion, Falcon Esports’ journey at the M4 World Championship serves as a testament to their dedication and passion for esports in Myanmar. Their achievements not only brought pride to the country but also inspired a new generation of gamers to strive for excellence. The future looks bright for this talented team, and we eagerly await their continued successes on the international stage.