**Forming a New NA Superteam: MobaZane (BTK) Makes a Comeback**

MobaZane, formerly known as BTK, has recently announced his return to the North American League of Legends scene by forming a new superteam for the Mid-Season Four Qualifiers. This news has left many in the community buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Let’s delve into this development and explore what it means for the NA League.

**MobaZane: A Renowned Name in Esports**

MobaZane, aka Lee Dae-won, is a South Korean professional gamer who made a name for himself as the mid laner for Team SoloMid (TSM) during Season 3 of League of Legends. His skills and performances during this period cemented his status as one of the most influential players in the region’s esports history. Unfortunately, MobaZane left TSM in late 2014 following a series of roster changes, leaving many fans disappointed.

**The New Superteam: A Freshened Roster**

Recent announcements reveal that MobaZane will be teaming up with some of the NA League’s best players to form a new superteam for the Mid-Season Four Qualifiers. The roster, which is yet to be officially announced, is rumored to include:

Top Laner: Xmithie (formerly of Team Gravity and TSM)

Jungle: Santorin (formerly of Curse Academy and Gravity)

Mid Laner: MobaZane

Bot Lane: WildTurtle (formerly of Team Liquid and TSM)

Support: Quas (formerly of Counter Logic Gaming)

The synergy between these players is expected to result in a formidable team, one that could potentially challenge the dominance of teams like Cloud9 and TSM.

Implications for the NA League

This superteam’s formation represents a significant shift in the competitive landscape of the NA League. With the return of a legend like MobaZane, combined with the experience and skill of the other players, this team is poised to make waves in the upcoming qualifiers and beyond.

The implications for the league include:

Intensified competition: The presence of a superteam can only lead to heightened competitiveness, as teams scramble to keep up with the new benchmark set by MobaZane’s squad.
Exciting matches: The rivalries and matchups that arise from this team’s presence are sure to make for some thrilling spectacles for fans.
Potential for growth: With high-profile teams like this, the League of Legends community in NA can only benefit from increased exposure, interest, and investment.

In conclusion, MobaZane’s announcement of a new superteam for the Mid-Season Four Qualifiers marks an exciting time for the North American esports scene. The potential implications, including intensified competition and thrilling matches, make this development something to watch closely. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.