**Ganyu: Unleashing Her Frozen Power in Genshin Impact**

Table of Contents
Best Talent Prioritization for Ganyu
Optimal Artifact Sets for Cryo Ganyu
Recommended Weapons for Cryo Ganyu Builds

Ganyu, the Cryo Hildebrandt Sage, is a versatile DPS character in miHoYo’s popular action RPG, Genshin Impact. Let’s explore how to optimally build this captivating character.

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Best Talent Prioritization for Ganyu

Ganyu boasts three distinctive talents: Frozen Sphere, Icy Qilin Stance, and Meltdown. The recommended talent prioritization aims to maximize her Cryo application, damage output, and crowd control.

  1. Max Frozen Sphere (Q) first, as it is the key ability for Cryo application and sets up the foundation for Ganyu’s burst damage.
  2. Upgrade Icy Qilin Stance (E) next to provide her with a shield and increased Cryo application potential when in use.
  3. Lastly, invest points into Meltdown (Exultation), enhancing her burst damage and further increasing her crowd control capabilities.

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Optimal Artifact Sets for Cryo Ganyu

Two artifact sets are particularly beneficial for optimizing Ganyu’s performance:

  1. Blizzard Strayer: This set increases Cryo damage and Cryo application rate, perfectly synergizing with Ganyu’s kit.
  2. Noblesse Oblige or 4-piece Crux of Frozen Heart: These sets provide additional support by granting healing and shielding to allies when using abilities.

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Recommended Weapons for Cryo Ganyu Builds

Two weapons are popular choices for Cryo Ganyu builds:

  1. Crystof Frost Spear: This Catalyst weapon’s passive increases Critical Rate when attacking frozen enemies, further enhancing Ganyu’s crowd control capabilities and damage output.
  2. Skyward Harp: This Bow weapon provides additional mobility with its charge attack, making it an excellent choice for positioning and setting up Cryo applications on enemies.

In conclusion, by optimally prioritizing Ganyu’s talents, utilizing the best artifact sets, and wielding recommended weapons, players can unleash her full potential as a powerful Cryo DPS in Genshin Impact.