Genshin Impact elements and reactions explained

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You’ve asked about the various elements and reactions in Genshin Impact.** I’m glad you’re exploring Teyvat’s richly diverse magical landscape. Let’s embark on this journey together.


Genshin Impact is filled with seven distinct **elements**: Anemo (Wind), Geo (Rock and Minerals), Pyro (Fire), Hydro (Water), Cryo (Ice and Cold), Electro (Thunder and Lightning), and Dendro (Life and Decay). Each has unique properties that can interact with others, creating exciting reactions.


Anemo is the element of Wind. It can be used to create gentle gusts, swirling vortexes, or powerful currents. Characters like Lisa and Barbara wield this element.

**Geo:** Geo is the Earth-related element. It manipulates terrain, creating shields, constructing platforms, and even healing. Albedo and Diona are among its wielders.

**Pyro:** Pyro represents Fire. It ignites enemies and environmental objects, dealing both Pyro DMG and Burn damage over time. Characters like Mona and Xiangling specialize in this element.


Hydro is the Water element. It puts out fires, heals characters, or deals Hydro DMG when combined with other elements. Barbsara and Mona are Hydro users.


Cryo represents Ice and Cold. It slows enemies and deals Cold damage. Characters like Kaeya and Ganyu specialize in this element.

**Electro:** Electro is the Thunder and Lightning element. It deals Electro DMG, causes Electro-Charged reactions, and can even be used to heal characters. Characters like Fischl and Beidou use this element.


Dendro is the Life and Decay element. It interacts with other elements to create unique combinations. Currently, there are no playable characters that specialize in Dendro.


These elements come together in beautiful ways, creating **elemental reactions**.

For instance:

**Melt:** Pyro and Cryo cause a Melt reaction, dealing massive damage to enemies. An example is using a Cryo skill on an enemy, then following it up with a Pyro skill or attack.
**Swirl:** Electro and Hydro create a Swirl reaction, combining the two elements’ effects on enemies and field. For example, an Electro character using an Elemental Skill on a Hydro field will create a swirling vortex that damages enemies within it.


Genshin Impact’s diverse elements and reactions make for a captivating gameplay experience. Each element offers unique abilities, and the way they interact creates exciting combinations.