Genshin’s new Dendro reactions Bloom and Catalyze explained

Welcome, adventurers!

Today we delve into the intricacies of Genshin Impact’s latest addition, Dendro, focusing on its unique reactions, Bloom and Catalyze. Let’s explore how these elemental interactions enhance gameplay and create fascinating synergies within your teams.

**Understanding Dendro:

A New Element**

First, a quick refresher: Dendro is one of seven elements in Genshin Impact. It’s characterized by its lush, green hue, representing growth and life. Dendro can be obtained through various means, including elemental artifacts or by utilizing characters like Mona or Beidou, who have Dendro as a sub-element.

**Bloom: A Radiant Reaction**

Now let’s dive into the first Dendro reaction, Bloom. This reaction occurs when a Dendro character comes in contact with an Anemo (wind) or Pyro (fire) application.

The result?

Beautiful, glowing flowers bloom, releasing healing energy and granting a variety of beneficial effects:

* **Swiftness Bonus:** Characters gain increased movement speed for a short duration.
* **Healing:** Characters receive HP restoration.

* **Damage Reduction:**

A protective barrier is created around the character, reducing incoming damage.

**Catalyze: Sparking Synergies**

Next up, we have Catalyze, the second Dendro reaction. This occurs when a Dendro application comes in contact with an Electro (lightning) or Hydro (water) application.

The results are truly electrifying:


**Swift Conduction:**

An Electro-charged field is created around the character, providing continuous Electro damage to nearby enemies.

* **Vaporize:**

This reaction occurs when an Electro ability hits a Hydro application, causing increased damage.
* **Melt:** Similar to Vaporize, Melt occurs when an Electro ability hits a Cryo (ice) application, causing even more damage.

**Conclusion: A Symphony of Life**

Dendro’s Bloom and Catalyze reactions add depth and strategy to Genshin Impact’s gameplay. By understanding the intricacies of these interactions and experimenting with different character combinations, you can create powerful synergies and unlock new potential within your roster.