Granger’s new Starfall Knight skin basically transforms him into a Gundam

Introducing the latest addition to the Starfall Knights roster, the Granger Gundam skin.

**What is Granger’s new Starfall Knight skin?


Granger’s new Starfall Knight skin is an exciting cosmetic upgrade that transforms him into a mobile suit reminiscent of the legendary Gundams from the acclaimed anime series. This new appearance retains his original character design while adding intricate details and advanced armor plating, giving players a visually striking representation of their favorite champion.

**Why choose Granger’s Gundam skin?


1. **Iconic Design:** The Gundam series is celebrated worldwide for its captivating mecha designs, making this new Starfall Knight skin an attractive choice for both fans and players looking for a unique appearance.
2. **Advanced Armor:** The armor plating on Granger’s Gundam skin not only offers an impressive visual upgrade but also subtly enhances his durability in-game, providing an extra layer of protection for players.
3. **Customization:** Like all Starfall Knight skins, this new Gundam design can be customized further with additional color schemes and emblems, allowing players to create a truly personalized Granger.

**Exploring the Features of Granger’s Gundam Skin**

_Head Unit:_

The head unit of Granger’s Gundam skin features a sleek visor design with built-in targeting systems and advanced sensors, making it an ideal choice for players seeking improved situational awareness.



The arms are equipped with retractable beam rifles, granting Granger the ability to deal long-range damage to enemies while maintaining a safe distance. Additionally, these weapons can be upgraded using in-game currency for even greater effectiveness.



Granger’s Gundam legs boast enhanced mobility, allowing for quicker movements and more efficient navigation across the battlefield. This makes him an agile contender in team fights and large-scale skirmishes.

**Conclusion: Embrace the Power of Granger’s New Gundam Skin**

Granger’s new Starfall Knight skin, which meticulously recreates the iconic design of a Gundam mobile suit, provides players with an aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior representation of their preferred champion. With improved armor, customizable options, and enhanced abilities, this skin is a must-have for fans and collectors alike.